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Monday, September 15th, 2014

Want Balayage?

At Emerson Salon, our stylists aim to create looks that not only look fabulous on you but will also fit in with your coloring, style and maintenance needs. Balayage is a great way for a fashion conscious and low maintenance  guy or gal to have a customized color without having to come into the salon every 8 weeks for touch ups. We have seen many different types of balayage emerge in the last few years since Drew Barrymore introduced it on the red carpet to the mass market in the US. It showed  her dark brown roots blended into bright gold ends 5 years ago but balayage has been around since before that. We are here to educate you on what balayage is and what the different types are.

What is Balayage? Balayage is a french term describing the application method where highlights and/or lowlights are,”swept in.” This application is different than traditional dimensional foiling where the color desired is applied in foils close to the scalp. Although foiling can be a great way to get highlights, it can emphasize a harsh grow out line as the natural color of your hair grows ¬†in contrast to the foiled color.

Balayage can be designed so that the growout is minimized due the soft effect it creates on the hair (even if you get a dramatically lighter highlight.) Pricing with balayage can vary based on stylist, desired effect, history of hair, density and length but generally starts at around $100 and can go up from there. A great way to use balayage is on darker haircolor to “break up” ¬†the darkness slowly over time. This is a great alternative to all over color correction which can be challenging and pricey.

There are a few different methods of applying balayage. Some stylists choose to backcomb or tease the root and then apply the color or bleach¬†in a feathered affect to the sections of hair in the desired effect. Other stylists use cotton to lift up the root and apply the desired result on thin strips of hair and then add clear plastic wrap over the top to keep heat during processing. Both methods are equally effective, it just depends on the preference and training of the stylist. If you are looking for a dramatic difference on the ends, your stylist may choose to use foil to trap the heat so its warmth is consistent on the section for even lightening. What are the different types of balayage? Let’s break it down into subtle, moderate, dramatic, ombre ¬†and dip dye balayage.

***Please be advised: If your hair is colored, your hair must be bleached in order to create a lighter effect. Color does not lift color. Discuss your hair’s color history with your stylist to achieve optimized results and learn about damage risks during bleaching*******


Subtle Balayage

Subtle balayage tends to be a highlight or lowlight that is between 1-3 levels ¬†difference (see above)¬†than the natural level of your hair. This gives a feeling of “sun kissed” highlights like you have been in the sun for awhile. This balayage can have the longest time between touchups if it is not heavily applied close to the root. This is great for working moms, busy students, and for the first time balayage client.



Moderate Balayage

A moderate balayage will be 3-4 levels difference than your natural color (see above) and can be focused on the midshaft to ends,stroked into the front or used closer to the root. This type of balayage might need more maintenance depending on how close the highlight or lowlight is applied to the root. We recommend getting a full balayage with this to start and then schedule a partial balayage to touch it up every 3 months.


Dramatic Balayage

This balayage uses highlights and/or lowlights that are 4-6 levels different on the mid shaft to ends and are usually not applied close to the root due to the contrast that will occur during grow out. If it is applied closer to the root it can shorten time between maintenance visits and is considerd to be a “dramatic” change if starting on darker hair. Be prepared for your friends to say,”WOW! Thats really different than what you had before!” This can be a great way to go from ¬†highlights all over your head to something that will need less maintenance. Its recommended to get regular trims ¬†and conditioning treatments on longer hair that has dramatic balayage because of the possible damage that is incurred in creating the lighter effect. Your hair may also need to be re-toned on a semi-regular basis to keep it shiny and its color saturation even.


Ombre Balayage

An “ombre” balayage is the type where you see a subtle and gradual blend of the darker roots into the dramatically lighter ends that are at least 3-4 levels difference than the natural root color. (see above) This is different than dramatic balayage that utilizes strips of color “popping out” of the base color. Generally, this is an application that requires bleach and can cause breakage or frizz so make sure to use Moroccan Oil to keep them moisturized and protected from heat damage. This application means you don’t have to come in for a retouch for 3-5 months but you may need a retone of the ends due to its damage+porosity every 2 mos.


Dip Dye Balayage

Dip Dye Balayage is basically a bleach and tone ombre balayage with a vivid semi-permanent shade applied instead of a natural looking toner. This type of balayage is super fun and we have seen a lot of it at music festivals and around Capitol Hill, Seattle. You can choose to do pink, teal, purple, orange, neon blue, whatever! At Emerson we have a few different type of semi permanents. If you are looking to keep the chosen hue for awhile we can use Pravanna Vivids with heat to make it last 5-8 weeks. If you want to change up the color regularly we also carry Fabuloso Pro by Evo which is based on fabric technology and will eventually completely shampoo out of your hair in 14-16 shampoos so you can select a different color when you like!

Whats the best way to style a balayage or ombre haircolor? When styling balayage it is recommended to either have a soft round brush blowout or to add soft waves and/or curls as it helps to emphasize the movement in the hair and your new dimensional color.

Excited to try on  some balayage? We are excited to work with you on it! Select a stylist from their profile and contact them directly for an appointment!

Thursday, September 11th, 2014

Welcome Michael Our Newest Stylist!


MICHAEL W. SIMONS is our newest stylist to join Emerson Salon in its rebrand under the new ownership.

Please welcome him- he is a very talented stylist with over 25 yrs. experience. He has also attended ¬†various Vidal Sassoon courses, has an extensive resume and has even helped out on “What Not To Wear.”

We will get him up on the website as soon as we can. We are very excited!

Sunday, August 31st, 2014

Our New Operating Hours


We highly urge our patrons to Book their Appointments directly with a stylist.

In each¬†stylist’s profile, there are email address links so you can connect with them!

Walk ins are always welcome, but it is always subject to availability, as all of our stylists manage their own schedules.


Tuesdays through Sundays By Appointment


Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

Under New Ownership!

This coming Monday, Emerson Salon ownership changes hands from Matt Buchan and Alex Garcia ¬†(Paraguas LLC) to current stylists Lancer Forney and D’Arcy Harrison (B. Please LLC).

Both D’Arcy and Lancer have worked with Emerson Salon since 2008¬†and are committed to creating a strong community of independent hair designers who run their individual hair chairs as sole proprietorships. This location is special and the nieghborhood of Capitol Hill is constantly growing! It is our goal to serve our diverse clientele and to empower stylists’ success and longevity.

What Will Change?

  • The salon is downsizing the salon space and is consolidating stylists to solely the 909 E. Pike St side.
  • Your current Emerson Salon stylists has shifted or moved their station.
  • We plan to rebrand the website and do some decor adjustements in the coming months.
  • It is still strongly urged to contact your stylist of choice directly for questions and scheduling.

What Will Stay the Same?

  • The Emerson Salon website, Facebook, Twitter and Yelp will stay as is with some edits to content.
  • The same phone number (but if we are busy with a client we will let it go to voicemail): 206 323 7437


Friday, July 18th, 2014

2014 Capitol Hill Block Party

See the picture above? If you look in the upper left corner- you will see Emerson Salon!

Our salon is situated right in the thick of the Capitol Hill Block Party that closes down E. Pike St. between Broadway Ave. and 12th. Ave in the Capitol Hill neighborhood July 25, 26 and 27th. There will be lots of food, 5 performance stages of music and the weather should be absolutely gorgeous!

If you intend to have an appointment that weekend for a hair service, we have a couple key points to share with you:

  • The only accessible entrance to Emerson Salon during festival days is at Broadway and E. Pike St. The entrance is only for patrons of Frame Central, Retail Therapy and Emerson Salon and you can let security know you are headed to Emerson Salon.
  • Parking in the salon’s neighborhood will be limited so plan to leave a little earlier if you are driving.
  • If you have a hair service booked during Block Party, YOU CAN GET A DAY PASS to the FESTIVAL! It is good for one admittance to the day of your choice- just make sure to tell your stylist which day you prefer.

Who are we excited to see at Block Party??
Matt & Kim, local phenom Katie Kate (who releases her new album “Nation,” digitally next week!), Dum Dum Girls, Pillar Point, and A$SAP Rocky!

For more details go to: http://capitolhillblockparty.com/
schedule: http://lineup.capitolhillblockparty.com/events/2014/07/25/

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

Hair is Undead

Hair is dead but living – and so are zombies! Walking Dead on AMC newest episode was last night and ironically, one of our stylists, D’Arcy Harrison, is running a crowdsource campaign for a zombie themed fringe theatrical production. (D’Arcy will continue to provide quality hair services through www.darcyhairdesign.com in addition to her side artistic pursuits with www.vagabondalley.com.)

“Love in the Time of Zombies,” by Damian Trasler will be performed this June through the Pocket Theater at the Ballard Underground on NW Market St.Vagabond Alley Productions has gathered many rewards levels from Sugar Plum Spa, D’Arcy Hair Design, Rain City Integrative Clinic, Seattle Public Theater, Mooreaseal.com, and more!

You can even become a zombie in our 3 chapter video teasers to be released in April/May! Donate at the link below to find out more!

Donate today to: http://igg.me/at/make-a-zom-com/x/3223860

Friday, January 31st, 2014

Seahawks State of Mind

Check out this great music video celebrating the Seattle Seahawks and featuring the hair and makeup of Emerson’s very own Chandra! Go Hawks!

Seahawks State of Mind – Phillip Lomax ft. Tess Henley (Super Bowl Anthem) from Lumenaura Creative on Vimeo.

This video is a an anthem for the Seahawks 2014 Super Bowl. Chandra Chenvert was hired to do the hair and makeup for Phillip Lomax (the jazz singer featured on the X factor) and she is an extra 12th man Fan in the video as well. Check it out and feel free to share it!

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

ColorProof Intro

Hair Guy Lancer is now carrying the ColorProof hair product line at Emerson Salon, at an Introductory Discount of 9.83% off standard retail pricing!

“All ColorProof products are formulated to deliver all of the good benefits, and none of the bad.”


Lancer Forney
Hair Professional

Monday, January 13th, 2014

Big Hair Product Sale at Emerson Salon going on now till gone!

40% off all clearance items!

How can I participate?

1) Click to see all Clearance Alterna, Kevin.Murphy, MoroccanOil, and Evo hair products on Hair Guy Lancer’s Square Market page.
2) Come to Emerson Salon to snatch them up while you can- they’re going fast!

What’s coming in?
ColorProof Color Care!

Why the new addition?
“All ColorProof products are formulated to deliver all of the good benefits, and none of the bad.” -No other hair product company can make that claim!

-post by Hair Guy Lancer

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

Stylists in Season

The independent stylists at Emerson Salon
wish to cordially invite you -
(our clients, friends and family )
to a
Holiday Open House and Potluck Monday Dec. 23rd 7:30-10:30pm.
Check out event details below on this public event page

Feel free to stop by for a drink, a nibble, some laughs and maybe some little surprises!
We want to share our great space, community and atmosphere in the spirit of the season.
Bring some snacks to share -and a smile.
You are the community we love Capitol Hill!