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Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Water for Elephants

This March we look forward to the film version of the heralded book, Water For Elephants (starring Robert Pattinson of Twilight, Reese Witherspoon of Walk the Line, and Christophe Waltz of Inglorious Basterds.) It is set in an extended 1930′s flashbacks of an older man who recalls his earlier life as a circus vet following his parents’ death. Reese plays a circus performer, the abused wife of the ring leader who falls in love with Pattinson.


Reese’s bobbed hair is beautifully set into a period specific finger wave. A finger wave is a style that is usually “wet set” or comb styled on wet hair into ridges and arcs then dried into form. No curlers or iron curls are needed just the crafty use of a comb and pinning using shampoo set clips. A great product to use when attempting to style this would be Anti Gravity by Kevin Murphy. This is an oil free volumiser that uses natural ingredients to create lasting hold and support to the style once heat activated.

In the film, Reese’s haircolor is a fabulous shade of buttery blond that mirrors the era’s starlets: Jean Harlow and Mae West. In real life, her hair is more modern and multidimensional with subtle medium and highlight gold tones. In order to achieve Reese’s movie look from your usual dimensional blond, we suggest the following:

- Reveal to your stylist your detailed color history to the best of your abilty.( If your hair is all natural than the light is green to go!) This will arm the professional with the knowledge of what previous damaged might still be on your hair and the appropriate measure to keep it in tact without breaking (ie, gentler formulations and/or conditioning treatments.) If you have had multiple overlapping applications of bleach highlights, your hair might not withstand another bleaching session regardless of whether its been colored over. The damage on your hair stays on your hair until it is cut it out. Bleach creates explosions and subsequent holes in the hair that can never be permanently filled in by synthetic haircolor.

- Use the correct support products to aid in avoiding color fadeage, breakage and moisture loss. Moisture in your hair is essential to manageability, strength and appearance. We recommend Blond Shampoo and Conditioner by Alterna Caviar. It uses the highest quality ingredients to balance color and condition for blonds. We also love styling with the new shimmery Bamboo Silk-Sleek Brilliance Cream which uses Shine-Amplifying Organic Indian Gooseberry to enhance luster and appearance.

-Pre-book regular color maintenance with your stylist every 5-7 weeks. You invested in a wonderful look now maintain it with root retouches, regular conditioning treatments and trims.

This film looks absolutely stunning and so can you if you sit in one of our chairs. Come on in!

Post by D’Arcy

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