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Thursday, April 28th, 2011

What to Do with Hair Product Allergies?


Many people these days are suffering with chemical sensitivities and allergies. Yulia is just one of my clients who is allergic to hair products. Emerson Salon carries a variety of shampoos and conditioners that are gluten, paraben, sulfate, glycerin, and mineral oil free; however, many products on the market are not free of these ingredients. NOTE!: Without using product, you most likely won’t be able to get your hair to do everything you want it too. But with proper communication with your stylist you can make a look that will work with your sensitivities.

I asked Yulia to smell the shampoo that I would be using on her hair first. She said it was fine, so I proceeded in using one of the shampoos that are free of most things people are sensitive to. Sometimes people have multiple chemical sensitivities that affect not just their bodies but also their cognitive abilities and emotions and therefore cannot express or identify that a product is affecting them. That means that finding the right products for you.

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When a client cannot use any styling product in their hair, the haircut is the finished product. The haircut is the style, so the haircut has to be technically good and the texture has to be added to
the haircut design by the stylist. It has to look good without product and it will look the same way all the time.

Yulia wanted a layered bob, which can be a technically difficult haircut to do on anyone. I took my time and worked with her hair texture to create a beautiful layered bob that does not need hair product to support the style. Her hair was dried with a hair dryer using medium heat, so as to not aggravate her scalp.

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