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Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Modern Men’s Cut from Behind the Chair

Not only should hair be functional, but, it should be fun. We can have it cut and styled to be business-like. We can have it cut and styled for clubbing, the beach, and recreation. We can have it cut and styled for both. Depending on our careers, jobs, and play, we can have our hair cut to the point where we can easily go from work to play without touching it.

This hair style is a fun style for men that is one such cut. It is new twist on the eighties big trend of disconnection. The sides and back are finger-cut in a square to give it a smooth and tailored look. The top, again, cut in a square, matching the sides, but not blended, are also cut in a square.

After the cut is completed, the sides are pulled out parallel to the floor and deep “V’s” are cut into them to give a great texture to the ends.

The top is then sprayed to stand and a high-lift tint or bleach is painted on, “bayalaged”, to give the stark contrast. To style, use Kevin.Murphy Night.Rider and piece the top out and up. It’s a nice fun look that is easy to style according to your mood or occasion.

If you have a bit of hair and want a different look that will be your own, give us a call and make an appointment.

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