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Archive for July, 2011

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

Hair by Franz: Jer’s La Roux Inspired Haircut


Jer’s haircut was really fun to do. After we consulted we decided that we needed to break away from the normal “shorter on the side longer on top” look that he had been toting for the past few years. We wanted something with a bit more edge, yet something that could be business professional when he went to work. His red hair reminded me of La Roux so we made him a shorter version of her haircut in the form of a faux hawk.

To achieve the look that we desired, we needed it to be much longer on top than it is on the sides. We choppped down his sides and back to a shorter length to accentuate the length on top. we then cut his Faux Hawk origination from the center of his crown to his left eye. This created that La Roux “peak” without the super long hair.

To style his hair we used Kevin.Murphy Body.Builder Voumizing Mouse and Kevin.Murphy Gritty.Business. We sprayed a little of the Body.Builder into my hands and distributed it throughout the top lengths. We the blowdried the hair up and to the left. trying to achieve as much volume as possible. Once the volume and direction was achieved we held and textured the style with Gritty.Business for a bit more of a rocker look with a pliable hold.

Think this is a good look for you? Book an appointmnet with me by calling 206-323-7437 or book online at or

Post by Franz

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

Another 5 Star Review for Franz


I was fortunate enough to have an appointment with Franz! Franz did an impeccable job from the moment my consultation started. He listened intently as I described exactly what I do and do not like about my hair and what I want from it!

He mirrored back everything I explained and laid out his action plan and got to work.

35 minutes later I left with a great haircut and some great styling tips! Can’t wait to go back and get some color :) ” (Thanks Michael)

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

New 5 Star Review for Franz


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My appointment was on Thursday the 23rd. I met with Franz, who sat me down and had a conversation with me. What do I like about my hair, what don’t I like, what have I done before and why, what am I looking for now. After the consultation, he told me what he wanted to do, how he’d do it, and what it should end up like. He then opened his Macbook in front of the mirror (was that there the whole time??) and showed me some examples. He was enthusiastic and seemed genuinely interested in making my hair styling experience a positive and rewarding one.

Wash, cut, and style, Franz was up front with what he was using and why (“Not many people know this is a volumizing shampoo, but it definitely gives more body to work with and works great with your hair”) and even went so far as to show me how to style it different ways to add versatility to the style. I have never been as impressed with a haircut in my life.

In addition, the entire experience from scheduling to the post haircut glamour shot for his portfolio (and the website) was gentle and warming. So much so that the star I would have taken off for rescheduling was completely regained by the positive experience. I’m sure someday I will have to get my haircut somewhere else for some reason, but I hope it’s no time soon.

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Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

Hair by Franz: Lorena’s Cut and Curl

Lorena came in to get her hair cut by me last week. This was a really fun cut to do because I got to witness a dramatic change. Lorena has a lot of hair and she didn’t have a lot of layers. Combine these with the fact that she has curly hair naturally means that she had a huge amount of hair.

When we cut her hair, we cut her shortest layers to fall at her lips so to relieve a lot of weight and bulk and show off her natural texture a bit better. I wouldn’t recommend this for people with more straight hair or thinner heads of hair because it will more than likely remove too much hair and make it look even more thin.

When we curled her hair, we wanted to get her looking good for her trip to the beach. After we washer her with Alterna Bamboo Anti-Frizz shampoo and Conditioner, our products de jour were Kevin.Murphy Motion.Lotion, to fight frizz and enhance her curl, Kevin.Murphy Damage.Manager, to protect her hair from the heat, and Kevin.Murphy Hair.Resort Spray to help give her curls a bit more of a beach texture.

When we curled her hair we left a few inches out of her roots and ends and just wrapped the hair down around an open curling iron in large horizontal sections. Once the hair was too hot to touch, we let the hair down and let it cool. Once the head was completed and cooled we broke up the curls with out fingers lightly and sprayed the Hair.Resort on the hair.

Do you think this look works for you? Have any questions? Feel free to book an appointment with me by calling 206-323-7437 or booking online at or

Post by Franz

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

How to Look Your Best on the Wedding Day

Ah, wedding season is upon us! Some of you are getting married, some of you are participating in a wedding or some are going to be attending-but regardless of what role you play, you want to look your absolute best!

Here, I have shown some examples of simple, classic formal styles for weddings and some that get a little bit more creative. The range of styles is wide so I tell my brides to schedule a consultation a few weeks before the big day. Its always best to bring pictures of what you would like and not like as I can create a personalized look for you based on the elements you would like to include. No bad prom looking hair for you and my updos are built to last through sweat, tears and dancing!

I also recommend a bridal practice session ahead of time to trouble shoot any problems in the style. It eases your mind and helps me to plan out the best layout for the hair to maximize aesthetics for pictures as well as making sure the style stays all day into night!

Here is our pricing structure for formal styling:
-Bridal practice session: $40 (can include a shampoo/ blowout after)
-Bridal styling: $100-$120 (price varies based on length or density)

(Group discount: More than 3 people (including the bride): bridal $85-$95, others in group $45)

Look your best on your big day with Emerson Salon- book today!

Post by D’arcy

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

Hair by Franz: Rachael’s New Rockin’ Do

The other day i did my friend Rachael’s hair. She came in with a picture of Haley Williams from Paramore and her hair that she had been cutting herself to one length. The Determination?: We needed layers! The whole look is supposed to emphasize texture that she had been lacking previously. We chose to cut her hair with a razor to have a more messy look. We brought the layers in the back very high to have as much texture and movement as possible. We then brought it through to have shorter layers in the front so as to now loose too much weight in the front.

When we styled her hair, we prepped it with Kevin.Murphy Hair.Resort to aid in speeding up blow drying and helping give a more beachy messy texture. Once dry we flat ironed the hair using Kevin.Muprhy Damage.Manager to protect the hair from the thermal damage and finished up with Kevin.Muprhy Texture.Master to emphasize the punky texture we had just given her.

Do you think this look works for you? Have any questions? Feel free to book an appointment with me by calling 206-323-7437 or booking online at or

Post by Franz

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

Hair by Franz: Jen’s Cut and Color

Jen came in to me the other week and we cut an colored her hair. She had coppery red hair that had faded a lot. Her hair was looking somewhat gold. but we knew we wanted to stay red, just touch up her new growth and re-establish a color on her ends. We decided to go with a light golden copper blond color.We had to wrap her feathers (which you can’t really see in the picture) in tin foil to avoid coloring them.

As for her Cut and Style we kept her length and touched up her layers to just keep everything nice and neat. To style her we used Kevin.Murphy Anti.Gravity at her roots to add volume to her do and then round-brush curled her ends with Hair.Resort for added hold to the curl. The end result was a soft wave that looks beautifully soft and subtle.

Do you think this look works for you? Have any questions? Feel free to book an appointment with me by calling 206-323-7437 or booking online at or

Post by Franz

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

How to Get Francis Barber’s Look from Doctor Who

Francis Barber plays as one of the mysterious villains of the BBC show Doctor Who. Little is known of Barber’s character so far, but we know that she can definitely rock her futuristic, femme fatale updo!


The best way to get this look is to have your hair brushed back towards your crown and the top of your hair. Pin the hair in place and then proceed to spray the hair with Kevin.Murphy Damage.Manager to protect the hair from heat. Take your curling iron and, while taking small sections, curl the hair and pin the curls in place to cool. In the front, curl the hair away from your face and let it drop down to cool.


Once the curls have cooled, un-pin them and break up the curls. Take bobby pins and begin to pin the curls down to keep them close to the head. She keeps her hanging curl relatively intact, so I would recommend leaving that alone. Spray with Kevin.Murphy Session.Spray and you’re done!

Think this would be a great look for you? Come into Emerson Salon and book an appointment with me today!

Post by Franz