Friday, February 17th, 2012

D’Arcy’s Fun and RAW Experience

This week I had the honor to be a featured artist for the RAW artists showcase at iMusic. There was art, fashion,music, makeup, hair and great times! Part of participating in a showcase with RAW is the portfolio building as well as a taped video piece which I will share when it comes out in 3 weeks! But for now.. I will share with you my thoughts behind what I created!

I want to start off by saying that this runway show was an opportunity to “push the envelope,” on what I could accomplish with hair. I get to work with stellar clients daily making their styles work for them and their needs but for one night I threw practicality to the wind! I let my imagination wander to places, ideas and concepts I wanted to explore. One of the main concepts I kept coming back to was,”SCULPTURAL FLOW.”

What this means to me (as a daughter of a sculptor) is a 3 dimensional (3D) hair representation of how flow is created in hair and with hair. In the same guise, I also wanted to see how flow can be stopped or redirected with hair in order to establish different components of a style. The images that kept running through my mind were of: Talum and Chichen Itza pyramids in Mexico, rippled sands in an Arabian desert, and the waves in the “Bride of Frankenstein” hair.

In order to accomplish the varied styles, I used clip in human hair extensions. In order to ad fullness to one of the styles I custom colored the pieces to match the models hair using It&ly’s Vivly semipermanent Titian to repigmentize and then toned with It&ly’s Colorly transluscent color formula 7FA tutti frutti and 10 volume. Other clip ins were sprayed with costume spray color, Extra Hold Hairspray by Alterna Caviar and Gloss Sealant Spray from Blick art supply. In order to set the pieces I used a triple barrel wave iron in order to have a consistent, fabricated wave pattern in the pieces.

I also employed some old school styling tricks like back combing, backbrushing, and creative bobby pinning (they have to be hidden!) in addition to using newer products like Morroccan Oil and Anti gravity+Session Spray by Kevin Murphy. I am super proud of the work I did and I hope you do like it too….. Enjoy “going with the flow!”

(Credits:D’Arcy Hair Design- Hair, Nyk Foto-photography, Fashion- Kim McCormick/Kimmi Designs and Jessica Nees-Makeup)

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