Sunday, February 12th, 2012

Pravana Perfection Smoothing Service

I love Perfection! Pravana’s Perfection Smoothing service, that is. Perfection is a patent-pending innovation that safely transforms coarse, frizzy, and curly hair into straight, smooth, and shiny hair. It is in fact, the New Generation in smoothing.

I recently performed the Perfection service on two clients:

Tara had been using a traditional hair texturizer which left her hair brittle and damaged. She never wore her hair down. It was always pulled back tight, which made her hair break off even more. Her previously textured hair was left bone straight after one Perfection treatment, and her newly treated hair is still curly but it is not dry or brittle. She has not worn her hair pulled back since!

Daemon has notoriously wild hair. He wore his hair back in a ponytail most of the time, because his hair was coarse, frizzy, dry, unruly, and long. When I saw him perform onstage, I told him I wanted to help his hair look and feel better. I haven’t seen his hair in a ponytail since! He is able to wear it loose and curly without frizz, or straight and sleek. It also feels great!

If you’d like straighter, smoother, more manageable hair, schedule an appointment with me today!

Perfection Facts:

  • Perfection can be performed on any hair type, condition, and length.
  • It’s proprietary nano-amino acid complex suspends the internal textural memory of the hair to a new, soft, and sensual look and feel.
  • Perfection contains a pro-vitamin B complex and a has a low pH level. It contains no harsh chemicals, poses no health risks, and preserves the integrity of the hair.
  • Color clients can receive a color service immediately after the treatment.
  • Perfection lasts 8-12 weeks, at which point the hair returns to its natural textural memory state.
  • Subsequent treatments will leave the hair smoother and straighter for longer.

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