Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

London Looks

In the hair industry, attending regular ongoing education is recommended to stay current and strong on trends, techniques and styling tips. The goal is to keep skills fresh and fun while still introducing practicality to our clients in the salon. D’Arcy Hair Design (at Emerson Salon) recently attended a labelm haircut demo fashion show at 1927 events in Seattle, WA. Labelm is the newer product line from the geniuses who helm Toni & Guy London. (FYI: TIGI in the US is not owned by Toni & Guy.)The entire weekend was helmed by the International Artistic Director, Anthony Edge, who tours the US sharing looks and education from his base in Miami. Although we do not carry the labelM products, we do love to learn from all sources in the hair industry.

Anthony previewed the hottest looks from their 2013 Look Book collection that literally released this month! The pictures above show you some of what he shared with us and emphasized techniques like disconnection, offset perimeters, and overdirection. These are terms for different ways to section and conduct haircuts that stray from the traditional, commercial approaches we are taught in school. These techniques emphasize movement, slight asymmetry and style versatility and tend to be quick and fun to style. As they say, the cut is the style!

D’Arcy also had the pleasure of attending a “Creative Cutting” class conducted by Anthony Edge the day after the demonstration show. There, she was guided on how to create a cut called “The Terrin.” The goal of this haircut was to create an “offset” bob length with tons of movement. Off set is where the front pieces are slightly uneven so this is different than asymmetry. Asymmetry is the type of cut that has more severe disconnection between the sides when looked at head on. The sides and nape in the terrin were established with layering and a set perimeter after. Then, the top and crown were disconnected subtely longer from the underneath and overdirected to one side. It was a lot of fun to do and was a great way to freshen up Alexandra’s look without going too short.

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