Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

Under New Ownership!

This coming Monday, Emerson Salon ownership changes hands from Matt Buchan and Alex Garcia  (Paraguas LLC) to current stylists Lancer Forney and D’Arcy Harrison (B. Please LLC).

Both D’Arcy and Lancer have worked with Emerson Salon since 2008 and are committed to creating a strong community of independent hair designers who run their individual hair chairs as sole proprietorships. This location is special and the nieghborhood of Capitol Hill is constantly growing! It is our goal to serve our diverse clientele and to empower stylists’ success and longevity.

What Will Change?

  • The salon is downsizing the salon space and is consolidating stylists to solely the 909 E. Pike St side.
  • Your current Emerson Salon stylists has shifted or moved their station.
  • We plan to rebrand the website and do some decor adjustements in the coming months.
  • It is still strongly urged to contact your stylist of choice directly for questions and scheduling.

What Will Stay the Same?

  • The Emerson Salon website, Facebook, Twitter and Yelp will stay as is with some edits to content.
  • The same phone number (but if we are busy with a client we will let it go to voicemail): 206 323 7437


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