Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

Halloween Hair Tips!


Its the spooky time of year where kids and adults  dress up in fun or scary costumes! SO MUCH FUN! Whether it be out trick or treating in your neighborhood or inside at someone’s homemade haunted house we are here to help you get SPOOKTACULAR hair results! Here are some tips to see you through this Hallow’s Eve…..

  • Determine whether you have the hair to achieve the look you are going for. If its medium to long there are many options for you but if you have shorter hair a wig can be of great assistance for a look. Synthetic wigs are cheap and are generally not to be used with heat unless billed as “heat resistant” and then a low to medium curling can be used. They can range from $20-$35.
  • If you are opting to use your hair for your costume, remember there are ways to temporarily add colors that wash right out! A spray on color will shampoo right out in the shower the next day. Colors usually range from red, pink, blue, green, purple, silver,  white, yellow, orange and many more! If you don’t want to spray your hair opt to use a colored hair chalk or eyeshadow but make sure to set it with some hairspray so it doesn’t rub onto your clothes or face.
  • A 1″ or slightly larger curling iron will give you a great base style to work with for many looks. Curling the entire head with a flexible working spray (sprayed on lightly before curling) and dry shampoo at the root will help the longevity of the style.
  • Sometimes your hair has to look weird before it looks perfect. Using a comb, lift up a section of hair to “tease” or backcomb height at the root. Make sure to insert the comb behind the section and lock down the hair towards the root. Repeat one or two more times on each curled section. Then softly brush out and spray with Working Spray by Alterna Caviar.
  • Bobby pins galore! If you are pinning up a Bride of Frankenstein look or making a flapper 1920’s faux-bob  – you will need lots of bobby pins! A good tip is to insert the pins with the straight end first and hook into the backcombed bases you just created. Then criss cross another bobby pin over it in an “X.”  This will secure them so your style stays.
  • For Guys: Any type of slicked style we recommend Night Rider by Kevin Murphy because it works so well with so many hair types and stays where you put it. For extra hold, spray with a little Session Spray by Kevin Murphy.

……or just get some pipe cleaners and googly eyes and make this!


Need to do some last minute costume and wig shopping? Check out the links below for Seattle local costume shops:

http://www.championparty.com/  near Downtown Seattle

http://www.displaycostume.com/ in the University District

………….. OR! Book with an Emerson Stylist for your Halloween Hair Extravaganza! Our independent hair designers would love to assist you.

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