1. You will only have ONE WAY to get access to Emerson Salon  at Broadway and E. Pike St.
  2. Look at the map above and take note of the red marked areas- they are inaccessible to the public . This is the ONLY way to get to Emerson Salon that weekend as you will need a CHBP bracelet for any and all other areas! (Our sidewalk is a CHBP exit and load-in area.)
  3. The red lines signify what streets will be closed to the public. Tell security at Broadway and E. Pike St that you have an appointment at Emerson Salon and then you will be allowed access..
  4. If you have any issues, call the salon at 206 323 7437 or call your individual stylist.

Want to get your hair done AND a Block Party “Will Call” pass?

Book an appointment occurring July 22-24 with one of our independently run hairstylists-and mention in the booking note what day you would prefer a CHBP pass!

BOOK by Clicking on “Book” or “Stylists” on

 CONDITIONS APPLY: One admission ONLY at Will Call. The passes are NON-TRANSFERRABLE AND ID required. The “Will Call” List is final at 10 am each festival day so it is imperative to inform your stylist ahead of your appointment you want a pass and when. Your hair appointment must be day of /day before in order to get the pass of your preference. NO SAME DAY PASS REQUESTS- NO EXCEPTIONS)

Here’s the CHBP Festival Schedule: