Tuesday, March 30th, 2021

Changes for Emerson Salon!


Over the last year, literally everyone has had to completely change and shift how they approach everyday life due to the COVID19 pandemic.

…. At first, it was shocking and traumatizing to us at Emerson Salon. 

Salons have NEVER EVER been mandated to close due to a viral pandemic. So we tried our best to roll with it- but it wasn’t easy.

  • We had to navigate the nightmare that was Unemployment Insurance for the Self-Employed via the WA State Employment Security Department via the CARES Act.
  • We had to try and make up for lost income by offering gift cards and an online hair care shopping portal.
  • We had to learn about and apply for new SBA loans.
  • We had to sit with ambiguity not knowing when we could re-open and when we did — we were tasked with adding an entirely new set of guidelines in addition to our normal disinfection protocols. —-but we managed to do it. 
  • As a result, we have conducted services safely and  Personal Services in WA state has seen only 27 outbreaks connected to the industry in the entire year. HUZZAH!
  • Once we re-opened, clients repeated how grateful they were to know that we were doing everything we could to keep them safe and that we were back at work. The psychological improvement we all have had being able to give and receive hair services is tremendous.

As co-owners—  Lancer Forney-McMahon and D’Arcy Harrison  communicated almost daily to make sure  that they were on top of what had to be done. We worked in tandem to get supplies ordered even as supply chain challenges persisted. We were able to secure some rent forbearance and an SBA loan.  The downside is- our healthy savings was depleted due to the ripples of the pandemic. 

The salon space at 909 E. Pike St is expensive and we only have 2 providers renting chairs.

Many difficult conversations were had  & the decision was made to–


…… {drumroll please} cause we know YOU wanna know—


Emerson Salon will be MOVING LOCATIONS in late summer 2021

(exact date TBD) to the NEW!

Locally owned Mosaic Studios

on Broadway in Capitol Hill

 (just 7 blocks away in the former Urban Outfitters — see map below)

Additionally,  D’Arcy Harrison is now the solo owner of

 B. Please LLC DBA Emerson Salon.

And! Lancer is coming along for the ride with Emerson Salon as a booth renter. So the journey on this road continues!

A Message from Lancer:

“I have worked in the salon industry since 1990, and behind the chair at 909 E Pike since 2006; 2 years prior to its becoming Emerson Salon. I also have loved the location, our landlord, and our business neighbors in the area, yet this change is for the best.When D’Arcy and I had the chance to become salon co owners, it was a great opportunity for us to learn and grow into our new roles. I could not have undergone this venture without D’Arcy alongside me at the 909 E Pike space. D’Arcy has done amazing things for Emerson Salon that I could never have imagined possible, and I have full faith in her as sole owner. Her passion and enthusiasm has kept the brand alive and evolving. 

I am excited to begin this Season of Life returning to being an Independent Stylist and to focus on my other goals.  Additionally,  I have offered ongoing support to D’Arcy as she takes on full ownership.  I truly enjoyed my duties in Financial, Accounting, and Operations at Emerson Salon. I plan to continue using  these skills in my own service business.”

A message from D’Arcy: 

     “I want to first and foremost start off by honoring and showing sincere gratitude to Lancer Forney-McMahon. He was working at 909 E. Pike before I even came along in 2008 as an employee in the former ownership. I truthfully could not have weathered the shifts and changes Emerson Salon has endured over the years without him. It is his attention to detail, motivation to continue learning, drive for improvement and tremendous focus that has made the most recent iteration of Emerson Salon successful. I could not have survived shutdown or the ripples of change without him. I am excited he is continuing his journey with Emerson Salon and please know that this decision is the best for both of us.

      I am also very happy to be able to take on the enormous  task of downsizing, streamlining and  100% running operations. 

For now- we are in 909 E. Pike St, and we are sad we had to make this difficult choice as we love the building, the space, our business neighbors and our landlord. Change is HARD, but I know that this is the best choice as we focus individually on our own service businesses. We have endured so much angst this past year that attracting booth renters in this difficult environment  for business is just not fair to us or potential booth renters. I will continue to support the Personal Services industry in WA state through my work with Cosmetologistsofwashingtonunited.org and other advocacy efforts. And do not fret—

We will continue as a fun & safe space for BIPOC and LGBTQIA, and NOW with FREE PARKING in the new space…. among other great benefits!

I am so so SO excited and I hope you are too.  Be on the lookout for updates as I continue to hone the brand and decorate our new Emerson Salon space! Feel free to reach out to me via b.please.llc@gmail.com if you have questions and I will be sending regular updates via email and social media about what is to come! 

I invite you to ALSO ride with Emerson Salon

…. into the future and beyond!”

Monday, August 3rd, 2020

Team Up With Us!

Emerson Salon reopened in June and is operating in Phase 2 for Personal Services at reduced capacity.

*We are operating by APPOINTMENT ONLY*
Please check with your Stylist for Appointment Availability at EmersonSalon.com

*Click your preferred Stylist Name for contact info.

All Stylists within Emerson Salon are doing everything according to guidelines for Personal Services in WA State, and are daily maintaining the highest level of sanitation and safety protocol in the salon because social distancing is not possible when providing hair services.

If you would like to understand the detailed directives from WA state government agencies- you can read them HERE.


  • You will have to make an appointment. Walk In Appointments are not accepted.
  • You will need to self-certify with your service provider regarding your health.
  • You are required to wear a mask before entering. Your service provider can decline the service if you do not comply. Emerson Salon has clean, sanitized masks on hand for those unable to provide their own.
  • ONE AT A TIME”: Please wait to be notified to enter the salon. Your service provider will contact you once they are ready to see you. You may not bring additional guests to the salon with you unless you are a caregiver or the parent or guardian of a minor under 16yrs of age. (Those not receiving a service must stay 6 ft. from provider or wait outside the salon.)
  • Avoid bringing extra items like beverages, food, coats, etc.
  • Please avoid Cash whenever possible. We highly recommend contactless transactions. If you must bring cash, please bring the exact amount and gratuity (for services) in a sealed, plastic bag. Change cannot be provided at this time and there is also a widespread coin shortage.

Please know that Emerson Salon and the independent service providers that work within take your health and safety very seriously. Our goal is to make sure our salon space is doing everything to protect you as well as ourselves & our families.

**Reminder: Asymptomatic individuals can still have the virus and spread contagion so we must behave as if EVERYONE is carrying Covid19. For more detailed info refer to the CDC, OSHA, WA State Dept of Health and/or WHO.

Emerson Salon appreciates your understanding, patience and teamwork in accomplishing this endeavor. We will implement and enforce these guidelines so we may be ready for inspection from Dept of Health, Dept of Licensing, Dept of Cosmetology and state Labor and Industry agencies. The survival of our lives & businesses are counting on YOU to TEAM UP WITH US!

DO NOT FORGET! You may purchase quality haircare ONLINE from Moroccan Oil, Kevin Murphy, Loma, Olaplex and more at: https://shop.saloninteractive.com/cel/EmersonSalon

Friday, June 5th, 2020

Re-Opening Update

Hello Emerson Salon friends and clients!

Seattle/King County has been approved for

Phase 2 re-opening in WA state.


WALK-IN Service Appointments


Shop Online & Get Free shipping over $75! Go to https://shop.saloninteractive.com/cel/EmersonSalon

for Loma, Moroccan Oil, Kevin Murphy & more...

In order to be open, all providers within the Emerson Salon location MUST follow all mandated Phase 2 guidelines. This means that the independent business owners who rent within will be working in an amended capacity and may be working less days than usual.

Each independently run business who rents within our location is teaming up with colleagues to stagger schedules and clean/disinfect common areas. Be on the lookout for info from your preferred service provider.

Check out our independently run service providers’ websites below:

Lancer : https://www.yourhairguy.com/

D’Arcy : www.darcyhairdesign.com

Chelsea: https://www.chelseaburns.studio/

For more info on NEW REQUIRED PROTOCOL in order to receive a service at the Emerson Salon location- go to our blogpost HERE.

Monday, May 24th, 2021

“Emerson Salon Is Moving!” Sale

As we have shared with you previously –

Emerson Salon is moving in August 2021

to the suite 132 at Mosaic Salon Studios at 401 Broadway Ave East. (DATE TBD)

So…..since this will be a downsizing to a smaller space, Owner D’Arcy is offering up items for sale or pickup!

Take a piece of Emerson Salon WITH you!

Interested in some of the items???? Check out the Catalogue of items and use the form within to log your interest!


There will be a scheduled pickup window SUNDAY JUNE 7th from 2-6pm

at 909 E. Pike St. Seattle WA 98122

(Payments will be received via debit or credit card.)

We are excited about our new endeavors, new space and refreshed energy in late summer 2021!

Thursday, May 20th, 2021

King County Mask Directive

Emerson Salon is 100% dedicated to the public health & safety including that of providers and clients. We appreciate your understanding and compliance. All must mask at Emerson Salon regardless of vaccination status. Currently, the WA STATE PERSONAL SERVICES guidelines still require all to mask as well. Even if Inslee updates them, King County supercedes that if stricter.

Walkin-Sales are still suspended (SHOP HERE) and

we operate by APPOINTMENT ONLY.

To book an appointment with D’Arcy: darcyhairdesign.com

To book an appointment with Lancer as a NEW GUEST: https://www.yourhairguy.com/newguest

Friday, April 30th, 2021

“Why Can’t I Just WALK-IN??”

Hello our Valued Emerson Salon neighbors and guests!

We are so glad you are interested in making a hair service appointment with D’Arcy or Lancer OR want to buy PREMIUM, high quality haircare products. We know change is HARD but we cannot permit people to “JUST WALK-IN” to the salon while ALSO providing a safe environment for our service clients who have made pre-booked appointments. Governor Inslee has made it very clear through his guidelines to mitigate COVID19 that Personal Service businesses must screen every individual who comes into the salon space. Not everyone is vaccinated yet and COVID19 is still deadly. We know you are OVER IT (so are we) but if someone got ill from our location we would be devastated and so would you.

We know its not as convenient as before ……….. BUT GUESS WHAT?!?

There is a bright side —You can Shop Online!


purchase Kevin Murphy, Loma & Moroccan Oil

& it ships DIRECTLY to you in less than 2 days! HUZZAH!

Note: We still get credit for the sale- do not fret!

Lancer and D’Arcy have MANY, MANY years of experience and attend to every client with the utmost care and attention. Therefore, in order to get their UNDIVIDED focus you must PRE-BOOK an appointment.



We appreciate your understanding and patience as we have shifted how the location operates during the pandemic and it takes ALL OF US working together to make sure we stay in business AND STAY SAFE!

Monday, November 30th, 2020

Touch-Free Holiday Shopping

This holiday season we know you want to stay SAFE from COVID19 with touch-free holiday shopping while simultaneously treating your loved ones (& Yourself!) to quality haircare.

We offer an EASY and SIMPLE shopping portal online with FREE SHIPPING over $75. CLICK HERE TO PERUSE HAIRCAREPRODUCTS

We carry Kevin Murphy, Moroccan Oil, Loma and Skin Authority – All Are Paraben Free, Sulfate Free and…. Haircolor Safe!

So….. do you need some tips and tricks on customizing items for the special people in your life near and far?? We got your back — take a look below!

Gifts for Mom: Of course, it is best to customize to your mother’s hair type and needs but YOU CANNOT GO WRONG with the luxurious, anti-aging properties of the YOUNG.AGAIN series of Shampoo. Rinse and Masque. An essential part of THEKEVIN.MURPHY REJUVENATE regimen, this restorative line delivers a nourishing complex of Amino Acids. Features Benefits: Antioxidant-rich blend helps restore and replenish. Known rejuvenating ingredients help restore a more youthful look. Provides shine and lustre to the hair. Ideal for dry, damaged and brittle hair.” SHOP YOUNG.AGAIN HERE

Gifts for Dad: You know your Dad doesn’t need or ask for much- but treat him to quality haircare he doesn’t have to think about! Try giving him a whole set of Moroccan Oil that utilizes the moisturizing benefits of the argan nut oil – its non-greasy and does NOT build up on the hair. Great for those pesky flyaways and unruly hairs. Try Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner paired with the lightweight Molding Cream. He will love pampering himself! SHOP MOROCCAN OIL HERE

Gifts for Your Partner: With all of the staying and working from home —sometimes we forget to nourish and baby our skin. Take care of that for you partner by pairing haircare with skincare. Skin Authority has premium benefits for revitalizing dehydrated skin from indoor heat. Make a date night at home by fixing dinner for your partner, starting a luxurious bath for them and handing them this MIRACLE MASK KIT to transform their skin using nourishing, refining and protective ingredients. Throw in some fantastic locally owned and organic infused haircare from LOMA and you will be deemed the “Ultimate Holiday Angel”! SHOP LOMA

Gifts for Your Curly Haired Loved Ones: Get them into the “NO LATHER” train by giving them RESTORE by Kevin Murphy which is a cleansing treatment 2 in 1 that cleanses and conditions with powerful superfood proteins and fruit enzymes. It helps to rebuild and restore hair’s elasticity strength and moisture levels. Pair with Hydrating Styling Cream and Strong Hold Hairspray by Moroccan Oil for a hydrated and controlled hairstyle.


The Gift of Scented Ambience through Candles: SHOP CANDLES HERE Cranberry Romance, Citrus, Clove, Mango Passion, Pear, Spicy Citrus, Vanilla, and Vanilla Dreams from Loma

The Gift of Edgy Style: Know a hip happening stylista who loves making their hair fun and funky? Give NIGHT.RIDER strong hold matte texturizing paste and MAXI.WASH Detox Shampoo with Alpha-Hydroxy to keep hair stylish without buid-up.

The Gift of Scalp + Hair Health Pair a premium, boar bristtle STYLING BRUSH with a SCALP.SPA Wash by Kevin Murphy. Great for those with thick, dense hair or for those experiencing issues of hair thinning or compromised scalp health.

…… OR just peruse our shopping portal for whatever YOU need this holiday season. One for them, one for you makes shopping more fun! —— BECAUSE REMEMBER- YOUR SELF CARE is as IMPORTANT as the CARE YOU GIFT TO OTHERS.

Happy Holidays!!! ….. and we wish you Health & Happiness going into 2021.

in this season of giving. The gift of health is SO IMPORTANT!

Monday, October 12th, 2020


What do you think about when you think of Fall? Foliage? Pumpkin Spice Lattes? Scarves and coats?? WE THINK OF HALLOWEEN and all the FUN hair possibilities! Its a chance to get creative and to push hairstyles outside the box. Even if you are just having a stay-at-home celebration on this year’s holiday- you can STILL have fun. Consider ZOOMING with friends, family or coworkers that week and just enjoy some lightness and fun. WE ALL NEED IT! Heck- dress your pets up for a funny Instagram video post. Do a selfie photo shoot in costume, makeup and hair! We all need to play a little right now. People will thank you for bringing joy to their day.

If you do want some amazing new haircut or haircolor to switch it up while working from home- BOOK WITH LANCER or D’ARCY via emersonsalon.com!

Check out below some options for costumes and hair…. don’t feel like you have to permanently alter your haircolor or length unless you want to! We recommend wigs or temporary haircolor sprays that wash out in one shampoo.

Need tips about what products will help you get the BEST hold and HEIGHT for your costume look???

For SLICK and FIRM HOLD: SUPER GOO BY KEVIN MURPHY Packed with super-hero qualities to create a firm-holding, rubbery-gel that dries to a slick natural finish.” SHOP: https://shop.saloninteractive.com/store/EmersonSalon/product/59/192

For TEXTURE, HOLD and FUNK: Night Rider by Kevin Murphy “Designed to deliver rough, matte texture to enhance short or choppy looks, this state-of-the-art paste helps seal in moisture “ SHOP: https://shop.saloninteractive.com/store/EmersonSalon/product/15754/130

For HEIGHT and Light HOLD: SESSION SPRAY FLEX By Kevin Murphy “Get a flexible, workable hold without the crunch. KEVIN.MURPHY SESSION.SPRAY FLEX is a lightweight formula that never gets flaky.” SHOP: https://shop.saloninteractive.com/store/EmersonSalon/product/27144/29997

FOR HEIGHT AND FIRM HOLD: SESSION SPRAY Kevin Murphy “Provides intense hold and memory plus excellent humidity resistance, and brushes out easily and effectively without a trace of flakiness.” SHOP: https://shop.saloninteractive.com/store/EmersonSalon/product/58/165

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST- co-owner D’Arcy has provided you with her TOP HORROR MOVIE picks for Halloween! Get some popcorn and candy and turn the lights out for a true night of FRIGHT this Halloween!

Thursday, August 20th, 2020

Saying Goodbye Is Hard!

Saying Goodbye is So So Hard....
….So let’s just say- “See ya Later Chelsea Burns!
Chelsea Burns
Chelsea Burns is forging into a new future where she will be stepping away from behind the chair to focus on graphic design and typography work. We all know Chelsea is a great energy to work with and we wish her all the success and luck in her endeavors! We will miss her great smile and cooperative energy but are confident that her creative talents will flourish.     
Contact Chelsea for intel on who she is referring her current clientele to as she has vetted a few individuals (including pros in our location) for future hair services. Email her at chelseaburnsdesign@gmail.com

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2020

Meet Our New Team Member…aka Air Purifier: “Lil’ Fauci”

In our daily work to fight Covid19 in the salon we have obtained a medical grade air filtration system from MEDIFYAIR.com . The MA -112 V 2.0 filters up to 5000 sq ft and is able to filter out the micron level of the virus and other harmful air pollutants. Our space is 1010 sq.ft and are happy that every 15 min— 1225 sq ft of air is purified. This means if every independent service provider inside the Emerson Salon location takes 15 min to disinfect between clients that the entire salon of air will be cleaned by the time the next client arrives.

We decided since this NEW TEAM MEMBER is so integral to what we do to stay safe, wear masks and disinfect all tools and high touch points based on CDC guidance and Dr Fauci’s expertise—- that it only seemed right to honor Dr. Fauci’s knowledge and service with a special NAME for our new machine! NOTE: We have powerful HVAC systems in our location but this just adds a little more peace of mind for providers and clients alike.

Welcome “Lil’ Fauci” to the team of pros that work inside our location!

We are taking hair services BY APPOINTMENT ONLY– book with your selected provider through the STYLISTS Button on the emersonsalon.com home page!