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Articles from ‘Color Melting’

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

Color Melting: Peekaboo Peacock and the Melted Mohawk

Jocelyn had never colored her hair. This is a treat for stylists, because we rarely have the opportunity to work on a blank canvas. Jocelyn wanted a chunk of colors that would appear subtle when she wears her hair down but  would also look bolder when she wears her hair up. I blended four colors into her hair using a color melting technique. The result is a natural peacock feather look that Jocelyn can display or not as she changes her hairstyle!

Byron has thick hair that supports short styles very well. He had a faux hawk for awhile and wanted to take it further and have a mohawk. This cut works well for Byron’s face and he can rock it with his personality. He had a chunk of red in his hair previously and I amped it up this time by melting a darker burgundy color into very bright red toward the tips of his hair.
This technique leaves some of his hair natural, some a darker blended color, and some of it very vivid. Melting the colors together gives Byron a richer more textured look to his mohawk and it will also grow out better than solid bright red would. The color lines are subtler,blended, and infused.
If you would like to try color melting the next time you color your hair, schedule an appointment with me at Emerson Salon!


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Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

Streaks of Color

One of my favorite things to do is play with bright colors. There are many different combinations and customized colors you can create that there is always a color for you. I use a technique called color melting. Color melting involves taking two or more colors and applying them in such a way that the colors gradually change from one to the other or “melt” into each other.


We started with our previous cut and color, shown below. This was left long throughout and and textured. His streak we have bleached out and then applied the three colors: violet, blue, and green. As it grew out, we decided to take it much shorter. Since Edwin really wanted more texture, we decided to use a razor to cut his hair. As for the color, we wanted to integrate red into his color, so we bleached his roots and melted the red into the existing violet. We also created a shorter, smaller streak on his right side, that we bleached, then melted red into violet.

ER3 Photography

ER3 Photography

Since we started with such dark hair, and we needed to get him to such a light color before we applied the color, you would want to invest in some quality products. First I recommend using Alterna Caviar Moisture Shampoo and its corresponding conditioner. The hair that has been colored will be needing moisture that these products can provide. For styling, we used a texturizing product and a wax for slightly more definition. Starting with slightly damp hair, put in a small amount of Kevin.Murphy Easy.Rider and work through the hair and then blow dry. When it is completely dry, you can flat iron the mid-lengths and ends of the longer pieces. with the pieces on top, flat iron the strands while rotating the iron so they slightly want to curl up. When ironing the bangs, rotate the iron slightly down while moving down the strand. After flat ironing the hair use a wax or pomade like Alterna Hemp Sheer Pomade to define the ends. Finish with a hard hold hairspray like Alterna Hemp Volume Lock Hairspray and you are good to go!

If you’re interested in breaking loose and having some bright colors in you due, Come in for a free consultation with one of our topnotch stylists!

Thank you, ER3Photography for letting us use your photo. For more photography, follow the link to the ER3Photography website:

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Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

How to Become a Cannibal: the Style of Ke$ha

Ke$ha’s newest album, Cannibal, just launched. Filled with great tracks like “Cannibal” and “We R Who We R” It is definitely worth a listen. Ke$ha’s style is best described as how you look Sunday morning after a Friday and Saturday night of partying; messy and disheveled. Living the rock star life, you need to have good hair.

Firstly, lets talk about her color. Going for the partied in look in all ways, she doesn’t mind having noticeable roots. This effect can be done by feathering or melting different strengths of bleaches along the strand, creating a very gradual transition. This effect, called melting, can be done in many different ways and with many different colors/bleaches. In Ke$ha’s case, her melting is only at her roots and taken about two inches down the strand. The ends can then be toned to Ke$ha’s lovely gold tones.


As for her haircut, she has very long hair that was layered enough that she could obtain her messy texture that she is fond of, but not over layered that she was not able to put her hair up in updo’s (of which there are two I am very fond of in the music video below). The lenth of her hair is probably no longer that three inches below her shoulders, but that is easily enhances with extensions, to give us much more hair to play with and automatically more length.

A few products you may want to use when trying to get a look like Ke$ha’s is Kevin.Murphy Anti.Gravity and Powder.Puff. With wet hair, apply Anti.Gravity to the roots and put your hair loosely in rollers (preferably large sized). Ke$ha has a very messy style, so placing the rollers vertically so that the hair is wrapped in alternating directions and continued on the top of the head. Blow dry the rollers. Once the hair is dry remove the rollers and sprinkle the Powder.Puff throughout the hair to give the curls definition and texture while giving added volume at the roots. This also give the hair much more of a matte finish. then work through strand by strand, back combing with your fingers and roughing up the strands, aiming for the “Partied” look.

Interested in Ke$ha’s style, or learning more about extensions? Call or book online to make your consultation today!

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