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Thursday, November 21st, 2019

Award-Winning: Evening of Excellence

Nov 20, 2019 was a momentous day for Emerson Salon! Co-Owners Lancer Forney-McMahon and D’Arcy Harrison attended the Association of Washington Business‘ EVENING OF EXCELLENCE blacktie/formal event at Benaroya Hall.

Emerson Salon was nominated and became a finalist for the prestigious WASHINGTON ADVANCE Award. “Recognizing a business who has had a significant impact in their sector, contributing to the advancement of their community and/or statewide economy.”

We make a significant impact on our local economy by providing a safe space for LGTBQ+ and last winter, D’Arcy worked diligently with thousands of other cosmetologists to battle back around 8 state bills that would have harmed small business cosmetology.

We are so honored to be nominated and win this accolade! Running a small business is hard work and sometimes feels discouraging so we are humbled by this celebration of our ongoing work in our field.

Special Thanks Goes to:

AWB and Bob Battles (General Counsel), Ventures Non-Profit, Beto Yarce, Jennifer Crandall, Jennifer Hughes, Matt Buchan, Jeff Holm, Guy Garrison, Natasha Harrison, Bob Skogman, Bob Haig, Marcus Whitener, and Steve Showalter.

Stop on by to check out the beautiful glass award!

Thursday, June 4th, 2015

Historic Trifecta 2015 Show

trifecta1trifecta This past weekend, most of our team (seen far right) attended a cosmetology show hosted and run by  distributor Salon Services.

The event was held at the wonderful Fremont Studios venue in Seattle for 2 whole days where hair designers from all over the Pacific Northwest were delighted by demonstrations in cut, color and style. The product companies that participated were Kevin Murphy, ColorProof, Keune, MoroccanOil, Green Circle Salons and the author of the book, “Psy-Cosmetology.”

The format was extremely interesting with Salon Services owners introducing and asking the CEO or Artistic Directors of each product company: What is the biggest challenge facing the salon industry now and in the future? and What is most important to you and your organization? Many said the diversion of salon products to internet and grocery stores is a huge challenge to professionals in the beauty industry. Our clients should be getting specific recommendations from us as professionals and purchasing with us in salon. At Emerson Salon, we try to carry brands that are rarely diverted and cost exactly the same if they buy it online or in salon.
trifectarosegold     The first company to show us some fabulous hair were some platform artists from Kevin Murphy. They are releasing their own color line called Color.Me in the US this coming September. They demonstrated some dimensional color effects on the model you see to the left to execute some trendy Rose Gold haircolor with a cotton candy pink on the ends. Former NAHA winner, Tony Ricci also demonstrated some amazing editorial hair and even brought out a toy “Barbie” braider to create twisted braids in the hair (we do not recommend using this at home!.) One of the styles used colored scrap hair from the salon sprayed into cone shapes with Session Spray to make an elaborate “dinosaur” updo (see left below.) Another amazing style Tony did for us was using tight cornrows threaded with yak hair and then the sewing was cut to create a messy dread lock effect. (see right below)



Next up was MoroccanOil’s team who showed us some amazing styles from THREE platform artists. This line uses a moisturizing argan nut dry oil as the key ingredient. They showed us some styles that could be easily achieved on clients as well as some extreme  looks executed with extra wigs and bun donuts. (see below)



Then we were treated to a color demonstration from the Holland based company Keune. One of Emerson Salon’s co-owners, D’Arcy, volunteered to assist George Alderete briefly onstage. Look below for proof of her foiling magic on the model! (see left below)






And a highlight of the event was getting to learn from Phillip Wilson from ColorProof who used to work alongside Vidal Sassoon many years ago. He is an exciting and dynamic personality and had the entire room of over 900 hairstylists in stitches. Here, he demonstrates how to create a classic graduated bob using a 2 comb technique instead of traditional layering with fingers and comb. It was amazing to see a totally different approach to the chic style!


One of the most exciting part of the events was at the end of the second day. One of the vendors had to unfortunately drop out and as a replacement….we were treated to a HISTORIC COLLABORATION between many of the artistic directors and platform artists on some more hair models. Some stylists even worked on the same model simultaneously (see below!) The Salon Services owners Sydney and George were overwhelmed with emotion to see these wonderful hair designers coming together to give the gathered stylists a once in a lifetime treat! Usually, these individuals would never get to cross the aisle to work with another hair designer contracted with a rival product company. It was exciting and awe inspiring to see these successful artists joining to present us with this priceless opportunity!



Education is SO important to a hair designer staying inspired and on top of their game. We learned a lot at Trifecta 2015 by Salon Services and are excited to let these ideas propel our work with clients into the stratosphere!

Book with one of our independently run hair designers by choosing one from a profile and contacting them directly for an appointment!

Wednesday, April 15th, 2015

Frolick With Fun Hair at Festivals

The music festival season is upon us! When the sun comes out, the desire to dance  outside and listen to top acts strut their stuff means you have to have fun hair! (Duh!)

Here we review some of the looks we saw popping up at SXSW and Coachella recently as you prepare for Sasquatch and other fests…


The trendiest women’s hair colors are pastels this spring. Light Teal, slate gray and pale lilac (see right above) are all the rage and young women are calling off the hook at the salon for them! It is good  for you to know, however, in order to achieve these looks that there will be bleaching involved. Hair must be lifted to a pale white/yellow blond in order for any pastel to show up. Otherwise the remaining pigment in the hair will override the color you are trying to achieve (imagine trying to put pale blue on yellow/gold hair- yellow and blue makes green! no bueno!)

Bleaching the hair to this level  of lightness can be extremely damaging to the hair and can be costly for you as a client. So, if you want to avoid hair breakage – you can always opt for a nice wig (see Kylie Jenner above) or try a colored hair powder or spray and set it with some flexible hairspray like MoroccanOil Medium Hold or Alterna Caviar’s Working Spray, so it will not rub off on clothes or friends you hug. These methods simply wash out in the shower with shampoo and water but be careful- if your hair is porous or damaged it could stain the hair a tad.


You can do some beach waves with Hair Resort by Kevin.Murphy and take a small, reverse french braid down the center part (left above) or try a loosened up french braid (right above.)  Need some tips? Try watching this YouTube tutorial here.


Guys like to have fun with their festival hair too!

You could try what has been playfully coined,”The Lumbersexual Look,” (see left above) which is a very tight fade/clipper cut with a buzzed in part along the disconnection, longer hair on top (for parting and pompadour-ing) and a full beard that dramatically transitions in the sideburn area. Try using Night Rider or Super Goo by Kevin Murphy to help hold the coiffed style on top. Or you can try a clean and tight taper cut with a dreaded/messy top (see right above, Vic Mesa at Coachella.)

Bring your inner boho-chic out with these festival trends and make sure to hit up Emerson Salon for all your hair needs- our independent hairstylists are excited to work with you! Book with one directly today….

Thursday, March 12th, 2015

Cosplay Hair Play…

It is convention season here in Seattle! It is when many cartoon, anime, sci fi fans or “nerds” descend with a hunger for dressing up like their favorite  movie, tv or comic book characters. Many spend all year designing, constructing and coordinating their outfits so they can visit their heroes and favorite celebrities. And of course, hair is an extremely important component to looking just like them!


EMERALD CITY COMI-CON is March 27-29 info at: 

Emerald City Comi-Con is for the comic book or graphic novel fan. They have many booths, photo and signing opportunities in addition to panels discussing particular topics. We are particularly interested in the panel for,”Body Confidence and Positivity in Cosplay,” with Ivy Doomkitty. Its important to own it when you cosplay!

Some of the many celebrity guests are: Marina Sirtis (Counselor Troy) of Star Trek Next Generation, Morena Baccarin of Firefly and Serenity, Steven Yeun (Glenn) and Scott Wilson of the Walking Dead, Clark Gregg of Agents of the S.H.I.E.L.D.





NORWESCON is April 2-5 info at

Norwescon is one of the largest US sci-fi and fantasy based conventions.  This year, George R.R. Martin of Game Of Thrones fame will be the official guest of honor. In addition, astronomor Amy Mainzer will be the Science guest of honor.







SAKURA CON is April 3-5 info at

Sakura-Con is the oldest and most well-attended anime convention in the Pacific Northwest. Anime is a style of Japanese film and television animation, typically aimed at adults as well as children.

Imagine trying to recreate all of these AMAZING looks! For the hair, we generally are SO excited to create something outside the box for a client getting ready to cosplay for a convention.




You could buy an inexpensive, synthetic wig that is easy to put on and won’t cause issues with your own hair! Here are some great websites for wig purchase (order now so you will get them in time for your convention!)

If you are looking to revamp your own hair we recommend learning about extreme haircoloring on our blogpost here: The best products for softly styled looks: Moroccan Oil. Kevin Murphy Anti-Gravity and Alterna Caviar Working Spray. For extreme looks: Night Rider by Kevin Murphy,  and Session Spray by KM. You can also book a styling appointment or consultation with one of our fabulously talented independent hairstylists. It can be SO helpful to get tips and advice from a pro for a specific,elaborate look. They can recommend the right techniques and products- or you can have them do the entire ‘do for the event! Its worth the $ to pay a knowledgeable stylist to eliminate stress and anxiety the day of the con! Take a look at the profiles  here on and book with one today!

Enjoy playing dress up and make sure to get lots of pictures to show off your fun look with the world!


Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

Emerson Salon Grand Re-Opening Party!



Becky Vintage-82014salon



Lancer Forney and D’Arcy Harrison took over ownership this past September and have finished revamping the salon and have signed most of the stylists to year contracts! YAY! Now it’s time to celebrate WITH YOU!

DJ Ragemuse will be spinning SYNTHPOP for us all night as we revel with gift bags, beer and wine, snacks, and a RAFFLE! It is so exciting to share this accomplishment with everyone and we hope to see you there! DO NOT MISS IT!


Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

London Looks

In the hair industry, attending regular ongoing education is recommended to stay current and strong on trends, techniques and styling tips. The goal is to keep skills fresh and fun while still introducing practicality to our clients in the salon. D’Arcy Hair Design (at Emerson Salon) recently attended a labelm haircut demo fashion show at 1927 events in Seattle, WA. Labelm is the newer product line from the geniuses who helm Toni & Guy London. (FYI: TIGI in the US is not owned by Toni & Guy.)The entire weekend was helmed by the International Artistic Director, Anthony Edge, who tours the US sharing looks and education from his base in Miami. Although we do not carry the labelM products, we do love to learn from all sources in the hair industry.

Anthony previewed the hottest looks from their 2013 Look Book collection that literally released this month! The pictures above show you some of what he shared with us and emphasized techniques like disconnection, offset perimeters, and overdirection. These are terms for different ways to section and conduct haircuts that stray from the traditional, commercial approaches we are taught in school. These techniques emphasize movement, slight asymmetry and style versatility and tend to be quick and fun to style. As they say, the cut is the style!

D’Arcy also had the pleasure of attending a “Creative Cutting” class conducted by Anthony Edge the day after the demonstration show. There, she was guided on how to create a cut called “The Terrin.” The goal of this haircut was to create an “offset” bob length with tons of movement. Off set is where the front pieces are slightly uneven so this is different than asymmetry. Asymmetry is the type of cut that has more severe disconnection between the sides when looked at head on. The sides and nape in the terrin were established with layering and a set perimeter after. Then, the top and crown were disconnected subtely longer from the underneath and overdirected to one side. It was a lot of fun to do and was a great way to freshen up Alexandra’s look without going too short.

Want a sassy and fresh new look? Book with D’Arcy for a cut or color Wednesday through Saturday!

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

D’Arcy Hair Design is so ‘RAW’!

In a hair stylist’s career, it is always awesome to be presented with a great artistic opportunity.

D’Arcy Hair Design of Emerson Salon will have the honor of being a featured Hair Artist for RAW artists Thursday, February 9th Showcase. RAW artists is in 22 cities nationwide and works with the local arts community to create showcases, events and awards that puts a spotlight on emerging talent in fashion, makeup, performing art,modelling, film, art, photography, hair, and music. A RAW artist gets invaluable portfolio building, exposure, and will not only network and socialize but most importantly, get a chance to collaborate with peers in different fields.

“ACTIVATE,” Seattle’s first RAW showcase will be held at iMusic on 5th Ave North (across from EMP/Space Needle) and D’Arcy will be styling for Kimmi Designs (formal fashions of repurposed/recycled fabrics.)

The doors are at 8pm with a DJ, a unique visual and visceral artistic experience, 3 bars, good vibes and at 10pm there will be 2 fashion runway shows. Advance tickets are only $10!
Check out or BUY a TICKET to see D’Arcy Hair Design.

Come out and support our thriving creative community with us!

Post by D’Arcy

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

Dark Industry Night of 2012

This event has been moved to the same time on FEB 16th!

The first Dark Industry Night of 2012 welcomes Emerson Salon team members Lancer Forney and Kate Kalnins, both of whom have been making the hair of (but not limited to) Seattle goths for years. Come on out and support us this coming Thursday, January 19th, at the Mercury, and INVITE EVERYONE YOU KNOW (that’s 21+ that is)!!! Lancer and Kate are excited to have this opportunity and are preparing a few of our clients and friends’ hair so we can show off our work so you can see what we can do for you! There will also be a silent auction held to raise money for Gothic Pride Seattle (G.P.S.), a non-profit social organization in Seattle. Lancer is also the Secretary of G.P.S.

Dark Industry Night is a place for Seattle based goth and industrial musicians, DJs, dancers, artists, promoters, managers, designers, and other industry members to share ideas, innovations, news and announcements. Its mission is to build a strong goth-industrial music community and scene throughout the greater Seattle area through networking and promotion.

It is held every 3rd Thursday of the month @ The Mercury, and is hosted by the incomparably awesome team of Artist/Entrepreneur Bianca Malise-Glynn and Daemon Chadeau of Pixelpussy. Music that you might hear at this event includes goth, industrial, darkwave, EBM, electronic, power noise, hard techno, IDM, electroclash, new wave, punk, post-punk, ethereal, dark cabaret, coldwave, underground. This month’s featured Special Guest DJ is DJ SAVAK of Mechanismus.

All this is only $3, and it’s a non-member night! Just be 21+ and have your ID! (liquor sales to members only as per WSLCB)!

Artists, writers, performers, musicians, DJs, designers, photographers, promoters, and all that work with them are encouraged to attend, as well as fans and the like are all welcome as well!

Post by Lancer