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Thursday, November 21st, 2019

Award-Winning: Evening of Excellence

Nov 20, 2019 was a momentous day for Emerson Salon! Co-Owners Lancer Forney-McMahon and D’Arcy Harrison attended the Association of Washington Business‘ EVENING OF EXCELLENCE blacktie/formal event at Benaroya Hall.

Emerson Salon was nominated and became a finalist for the prestigious WASHINGTON ADVANCE Award. “Recognizing a business who has had a significant impact in their sector, contributing to the advancement of their community and/or statewide economy.”

We make a significant impact on our local economy by providing a safe space for LGTBQ+ and last winter, D’Arcy worked diligently with thousands of other cosmetologists to battle back around 8 state bills that would have harmed small business cosmetology.

We are so honored to be nominated and win this accolade! Running a small business is hard work and sometimes feels discouraging so we are humbled by this celebration of our ongoing work in our field.

Special Thanks Goes to:

AWB and Bob Battles (General Counsel), Ventures Non-Profit, Beto Yarce, Jennifer Crandall, Jennifer Hughes, Matt Buchan, Jeff Holm, Guy Garrison, Natasha Harrison, Bob Skogman, Bob Haig, Marcus Whitener, and Steve Showalter.

Stop on by to check out the beautiful glass award!

Thursday, October 17th, 2019

!Raffle Giveaway!



It has been 5 years in the new ownership of

B.Please LLC DBA Emerson Salon!

We want to share in the celebration by giving you a chance to receive:

an Emerson Salon T-Shirt, Kevin Murphy Travel Bag + Salon Services Hair Goodies!


*** Contact Info Will Not Be Used for any Email or Marketing Lists ***

Thursday, August 25th, 2016

Salon Retreat

Mentor and former salon owner Matt Buchan recommended a Partners Retreat for co-owners D’Arcy and Lancer. The point was to “to cover whatever things you feel need to be covered, especially long term stuff that can easily get missed in the day to day grind.”

What a great idea! Now how to execute? Having never attended a business retreat before, let alone organized one, there was much research to be done (Lancer’s forte), and some negotiations to have happen beforehand.

We rented out a room at Impact Hub Seattle, because we wanted to stay local and limit our retreat time to 5 hours. We started out by examining the history and milestones of Emerson Salon. Lancer has been working in the 909 E Pike salon location since 2006- before it became Emerson Salon. D’Arcy came on board shortly afterward, in 2008. Much was shared and learned, and food was to be had! Lunch and snacks were catered in by Specialty’s Seattle. The experience was great! We had so much food, and our luncheon arrived on time, with great packaging. It also included an activity- a word search, which D’Arcy finished first!



We then walked around Occidental Park and played foosball- a real treat for us. Usually our lunches occur between clients and we’ve got 20 minutes to eat, then get back to business.

After we finished all of our agenda items (including adding another one to the list), we needed some quiet time. 15 minutes to be exact, of silence, at the Waterfall Garden park in Pioneer Square. Ahhh, silence! Another luxury we don’t often get in our line of business.


We finished our retreat early. Here are the outcomes:

  • We discussed our lease in the building, and we’re happy to say that we’ll be renewing our salon location lease for another 3 years.
  • We went over our Partnership Agreement- you know that document you draft up at the beginning of a business relationship and usually never look at again? Contracts do need tending to, if one uses them in one’s business (which we do!)
  • We also mapped out the transferring of the retail and supplies from Hair Guy Lancer back into the salon. Lancer’s been running the retail and supplies business along with his own service business since 2012, and co-owning and operating Emerson Salon with D’Arcy since 2014, and is happy to now have the opportunity to transfer these assets back into the salon business entity (and also have D’Arcy’s assistance with these tasks.) When this has transacted, you will notice a business name change on your Square receipts!

You’re all stuck with us for at least another 3 years!

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Lifeblood of a Community

Happy New Year’s Seattle! Emerson Salon is taking part in some 2012 New Year’s Resolutions of our own and this year, our team’s goal is to become even more integral to our community’s and clients’ lives. Now more than ever, small businesses like us really bolster a local and diverse neighborhood like Capitol Hill much more than a national chain. We reinvest our energy back into you!

One major change at Emerson Salon we’ve made with the new year is that all stylists have switched over to become self-employed, renting their chairs and managing their own books. While you will still get the same great hair services from your team at Emerson Salon, this means that each stylist is working to build their own business and future. One change is that you might see is that the staff at Emerson are taking part in a new revolution in small business called Square. Through a mini-card reader, any smartphone can swipe a credit or debit card and be free of costly credit card machines and merchant-services contracts. Through Square, you can pay, sign, tip and receive email receipts in seconds, its pretty amazing!

Going forward, each stylist will be managing their own schedule and appointments and will be sure to let you know the best way to get your appointments booked, but we will still have our salon email and phone for your convenience. If you are a new client, feel free to write to book or look for contact information on a particular stylist’s profile. We appreciate your patience during the transition and we are confident the adjustment will be minimal and smooth.

An additional note, D’Arcy and Lancer have been accepted to Ventures‘ business training course at the end of January. This is a great non profit resource that provides small business entrepreneurs ongoing support with bookkeeping, tax calculations, goal setting, savings, coaching, etc.

Seattle, what are your New Year’s Resolutions? What changes will you make this year…..a hair change maybe! We sure hope so!

Post by D’Arcy