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Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

Educate Yourself On Hair Extensions

At Emerson Salon, we have a lot of potential clients call to inquire about hair extensions. Here our extensions specialist, D’Arcy, explains them, There is a lot to learn! Here we discuss the different types of extensions, their benefits and disadvantages.

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Extensions Types:

  1. Clip-ins or Halo: This is a temporary application method that can include 5-7 clip in wefts with curved barettes. The extensions hook into the section and (once closed and secured) sit snugly against the head shape. There is also a new type of extensions called Halo where the hair is on a miracle wire that can be easily put in or taken out of a hairstyle. Good for a special event or sporadic wear.(Available for purchase online through Sally’s beauty supply, Etsy, or through special order via D’Arcy Hair Design with a client consultation. Can take up to 2 weeks for delivery. Halo is available for purchase online or in Bellevue.)
  2. Tape-Ins: This is a semi-permanent application method where the wefts are applied by a hair professional where a light adhesive strip assists  adhere the weft to your hair. To remove, a hair professional uses a special bond remover liquid is used. Good for a special event or for 2-4 weeks of wear. Can be reused with additional adhesive strips. (not available at Emerson Salon)
  3. FusionThis is a permanent application method that uses heat and a special bond to adhere the tiny wift to your hair. This hair CANNOT be reused which means the $ invested in the hair is for one application only. Fusion extensions need to be removed by a trained professional with a special bond remover within 3 months of application. (not available at Emerson Salon)
  4. I-Tip or MicrolockThis is a permanent application method that uses a colored, aluminum bead that is threaded onto a small weft of your hair. The bead has grooves on the inside to help grip the small weft inserted into it and then the bead is closed to hold the extension in place.  This method is the least damaging to the hair and the hair can be reused between 2-4 times in order to maximize the investment in your hair purchase. Move-ups are required every 6-8 weeks to keep them looking and behaving well. (AVAILABLE AT EMERSON SALON WITH A CONSULTATION)

How long does my hair need to be to get permanent extensions?

We have many people who call and ask”I have a grown out pixie cut, can I get extensions?” The answer generally will be NO. Blending the extensions with a grown out shorter haircut is next to impossible and you will need so many extensions pieces that it is uncomfortable.  It is best to have hair that is a long bob or longer. It is also helpful if your haircut is textured and not blunt cut as blending a solid line with extensions is also problematic.

How do I care for my permanently applied extensions?

It is best to avoid washing the extensions more than once or twice a week because the more washing, the more apt the extensions are to slip or break apart. Once  double shampooed and conditioned once or twice a week, towel dry, apply a dry oil like Kendi Oil to help detangle and work the knots out from the bottom up with a wide tooth comb. Then let air dry or rough dry on medium heat. Its a good idea to use a powder dry shampoo by Alterna Caviar in between washing. It helps prevent your natural scalp oils from getting on the keratin tip on the extensions. which  can break them apart over time.

How many pieces need to be applied for a full head?

It depends. It depends on how long and how dense your hair is and what the desired effect of the extensions  will be. If you are looking for fullness on fine hair then between 40-80 pieces. If you are looking for length it really depends on how long your hair is. The shorter you hair, the more extensions will  be needed to make it appear long. It could take between 60-100 pieces for  length. If you want fullness and length then then you may need between 80-140 pieces.

Are permanent extensions uncomfortable?

If the permanent extensions are applied professionally, they will most likely only be slightly uncomfortable for the first few days when sleeping. The tip of the extension should not be poking out from the bead into the scalp to avoid discomfort. It is also a learning curve learning how to take care of and style your new hair extensions so be prepared to spend some time with a curling iron and flat iron. Adjusting to a new routine may be needed for your new tresses!

Why do salons that offer extensions not carry stock of hair at the salon?

Hair extensions are extremely expensive and in order to have a full stock of hair in the salon for the one or two clients of month who request it is just not good business sense. Also, there have been extensions salons robbed of an entire inventory of hair because of their worth. So, at Emerson Salon specifically it is NOT POSSIBLE TO GET DAY OF or DAY BEFORE extensions appointments.

To learn pricing for I-tip extensions through D’Arcy Hair Design go to and book a consultation today! (WARNING: It takes 2-3 business days for hair to arrive once ordered following a consultation. You are charged directly for the hair and beads)

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Extend Your Excitement!

In the last few years, hair extensions have blossomed from a rich girl’s indulgence to a fun, reasonable change for a stylish girl with specific hair length or fullness preferences.

At Emerson Salon, D’Arcy of D’Arcy Hair Design has been wearing Babe Hair Extensions since March of 2011. Here, we show you her old look with blunt bangs and a short bob. Then, right after the extension application and haircut, Lastly, the most recent pic of her on this website. It is a dramatic transformation but it is not necessary to add length. Some finer hair ladies like to add extra density so styling looks its best and lasts longer. And others like adding pieces of the fun purple, magenta, pink, blue, green, or orange to save their hair from prelightening damage. (Darker hair needs to be prelightened in order for some vivid colors to show up the best.)

My pricing for extensions is as follows:
(The colors will be chosen during the consultation in addition to determining the number of pieces required for the desired result. The selection ranges from vivid, punk colors to natural hair colors.) You pay after the consultation for the cost of the hair and beads (wholesale).

  • Application: $70/hr (due at time of service)
  • Move up: $35/hr (due at time of service/usually every 4-6 weeks)
  • Beads: $14.00/100 beads
  • 18” straight: $38.75/ 20 pcs
  • 22” straight or wavy: $50.00/ 20pcs

It can take between 40-200 pcs depending on desired result

It is important to provide appropriate care to the extensions by:

  • Combing from the ends up
  • Use dry shampoo so oils from your scalp will not break down the hard wax on the extension tip. D’Arcy uses Alterna’s Caviar Dry Shampoo. It is a talc free powder and it rocks!
  • Scheduling regular maintenance (every 4-6 weeks)
  • Using salon quality shampoo, conditioner and styling product. D’Arcy uses Alterna Bamboo Anti Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner because it helps keep the extensions from matting up by smoothing with bamboo extract and other ingredients. She also uses Alterna Kendi oil to protect her hair while she curls it.

Be brave and try out a new look- its within your reach!

Post by D’Arcy