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Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

Hair Resolutions 2016


Are you making changes for 2016? Well, we have some ideas to help create and maintain beautiful hair in the New Year for you!

heattoolsMake a resolution to be smarter when using your heat tools: 

-Use heat tools that use ceramic or tourmaline plates that help maintain your cuticle layer with controls that allow you to adjust the temperature. An on or off switch shows you no indication as to what level of damage you may be doing to your hair. We recommend digital heat tools that show you specifically what temperature range you are in.

-Always use a thermal protectant. We hear from a lot of clients that they are curling or flat ironing without a barrier to heat damage. Doing this can cause holes in your outer hair structure and make it difficult for your hair to retain quality moisture  and haircolor in your hair. We recommend MoroccanOil’s Original Treatment or Nourishing Oil By Loma. They are dry oils, are conditioning and will prevent high heat from burning your cuticle layer.

-Control the temperature for your hair type. There is no need to use over 350 degrees on fine, delicate hair. Thicker hair needs 400-450 degrees.

-If your hair is fine or chemically damaged DO NOT use the flatiron to curl your ends. It creates too much stress on the hair and will make it break 5x faster.

trimDedicate yourself to regular hair trims, color refreshes, and deep conditioning.

-Hair trims are your best defense against split ends. Even if you are growing your hair out longer it is a good idea to keep the ends freshened up so the oldest hair is not prone to breakage. For short to medium hair schedule every 4-7 weeks. For medium to long hair schedule every 6-10 weeks.

-Does your color get dull and murky looking after about 6-8 weeks? Schedule a conditioning color refresh with your colorist. Some shades (like semi permanents, reds and pastels) fade quicker and need more maintenance to keep them looking shiny and saturated. If you recently received a bleach and tone it will be necessary to keep it toned regularly to battle brassiness or maintain tonal stability.

-You can schedule a deep conditioning treatment with a hair designer or you can do one at home. In salon treatments tend to last longer because some of them use heat to penetrate to the structure inside the hair. We recommend MoroccanOil’s Restorative Hair Masque or Intense Hydrating Masque. These are easy to do at home once a week for dry or damaged hair in 5-15 minutes. Using moisture or moisture with protein will assist in keeping your hair’s health and manageability. (Some stylists use a disulfide mending OLAPLEX in salon as a treatment. Inquire at Emerson Salon with D’Arcy  for this service.)

Make sure to listen to your hair professional’s recommendations

on professional products for your hair type.


mo -Stylists work with many, many heads of hair a day and know which products will work best for your hair type and styling regimen. So listen and learn!

-Products sold from a professional salon are the highest quality, do not contain extra water and are more concentrated than other store brands. Don’t trust Amazon, Bartell’s, CVS or Costco for your hair products. They could be expired, contain high levels of bacteria or be counterfeit.

-Your stylist makes the recommendations that will help you recreate the look done inside the salon. Reward them by giving them the sale and not an online outlet or store. Your stylist has your hair’s health and style as a high priority in order for you to become or stay a returning customer.

-If a product doesn’t work for you, ask if you can exchange the product for one that does. No sense in keeping a product that you do not like the smell or isn’t optimal for you.

Your “Hair Resolutions” in 2016 can be upheld if you follow these easy steps. And remember- your hair is an investment! The more you put into your hair, the happier you will be with it!

Sunday, February 12th, 2012

Pravana Perfection Smoothing Service

I love Perfection! Pravana’s Perfection Smoothing service, that is. Perfection is a patent-pending innovation that safely transforms coarse, frizzy, and curly hair into straight, smooth, and shiny hair. It is in fact, the New Generation in smoothing.

I recently performed the Perfection service on two clients:

Tara had been using a traditional hair texturizer which left her hair brittle and damaged. She never wore her hair down. It was always pulled back tight, which made her hair break off even more. Her previously textured hair was left bone straight after one Perfection treatment, and her newly treated hair is still curly but it is not dry or brittle. She has not worn her hair pulled back since!

Daemon has notoriously wild hair. He wore his hair back in a ponytail most of the time, because his hair was coarse, frizzy, dry, unruly, and long. When I saw him perform onstage, I told him I wanted to help his hair look and feel better. I haven’t seen his hair in a ponytail since! He is able to wear it loose and curly without frizz, or straight and sleek. It also feels great!

If you’d like straighter, smoother, more manageable hair, schedule an appointment with me today!

Perfection Facts:

  • Perfection can be performed on any hair type, condition, and length.
  • It’s proprietary nano-amino acid complex suspends the internal textural memory of the hair to a new, soft, and sensual look and feel.
  • Perfection contains a pro-vitamin B complex and a has a low pH level. It contains no harsh chemicals, poses no health risks, and preserves the integrity of the hair.
  • Color clients can receive a color service immediately after the treatment.
  • Perfection lasts 8-12 weeks, at which point the hair returns to its natural textural memory state.
  • Subsequent treatments will leave the hair smoother and straighter for longer.