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Sunday, May 20th, 2012

Prepare your Hair for Summer Sun

I’d hate to see your fire red mohawk turn pink or orange, your golden blonde wash you out, or your cool brunette turn brassy! The sun is out in force and it’s time to not only break out the sunscreen for your skin but it’s also time to protect your color from fading prematurely!

Luckily, Alterna’s UV+ line was recently created for you. It is Clinically proven to protect your hair color from fading for up to 60 washes. If you wash your hair once a day, that means your color will last for two months when you use the UV+ products. In two months’ you’ll have new growth that will need re-touched. Don’t you want your hair to look its best for as long as it can?

The UV+ line contains Kalahari Melon, from a desert in Africa. Nature has given this melon its own UV protectant; the melon stays bright in the sun year-long. If you enjoy activities that include salt water, chlorine pools, lake water, and/or the sun, the UV+ Fade-Proof Fluide is waterproof and protects against these things when sprayed onto the hair before going out into the sun or getting into a body of water. Just spray it onto your hair and you’ll have a micro-thin, waterproof barrier that protects your hair from salt, chorine, water, and/or sun. Basically, it is “sunscreen for your hair”.

Gone on vacation somewhere hot, only to come back home with your hair wrecked? Get your hair some rehab quick! The UV+ REHAB Deep Hydration Masque, that is. In just 3 minutes, you can restore your hair’s flexibility, strength, and moisture balance with a powerful blend rich in amino acids, sugars & minerals.

Disclaimer: Hair products cannot be labeled as containing SPF but every Alterna product has UVA and UVB inhibitors and clients will see results right away.

Posted by Hair Guy Lancer

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Sunday, February 12th, 2012

Pravana Perfection Smoothing Service

I love Perfection! Pravana’s Perfection Smoothing service, that is. Perfection is a patent-pending innovation that safely transforms coarse, frizzy, and curly hair into straight, smooth, and shiny hair. It is in fact, the New Generation in smoothing.

I recently performed the Perfection service on two clients:

Tara had been using a traditional hair texturizer which left her hair brittle and damaged. She never wore her hair down. It was always pulled back tight, which made her hair break off even more. Her previously textured hair was left bone straight after one Perfection treatment, and her newly treated hair is still curly but it is not dry or brittle. She has not worn her hair pulled back since!

Daemon has notoriously wild hair. He wore his hair back in a ponytail most of the time, because his hair was coarse, frizzy, dry, unruly, and long. When I saw him perform onstage, I told him I wanted to help his hair look and feel better. I haven’t seen his hair in a ponytail since! He is able to wear it loose and curly without frizz, or straight and sleek. It also feels great!

If you’d like straighter, smoother, more manageable hair, schedule an appointment with me today!

Perfection Facts:

  • Perfection can be performed on any hair type, condition, and length.
  • It’s proprietary nano-amino acid complex suspends the internal textural memory of the hair to a new, soft, and sensual look and feel.
  • Perfection contains a pro-vitamin B complex and a has a low pH level. It contains no harsh chemicals, poses no health risks, and preserves the integrity of the hair.
  • Color clients can receive a color service immediately after the treatment.
  • Perfection lasts 8-12 weeks, at which point the hair returns to its natural textural memory state.
  • Subsequent treatments will leave the hair smoother and straighter for longer.

Monday, January 16th, 2012

How to Have Better Hair

I am frequently asked “what can I do with this fine, limp hair”? If you keep letting your hair air dry and don’t accept my product and styling recommendations, there is nothing I can do for you. Fine hair is oily by origin. It lacks protein and the density it needs to do anything but fall down. How you combat this is achieved in part by how your hair is cut but also in how you manage your hair at home. It also depends on what kind of maintenance you are willing to do. Most clients want no maintenance, and they don’t own a hair dryer. They also don’t want to use styling products. This is a recipe for hair fail!

I cut my fine hair clients’ hair to suit their lifestyle and desires. I can cut a good shape for my fine hair clients and I can texturize their hair within the cut to give them some internal volume. This is only part of the remedy. I recommend professional volumizing shampoos and conditioners that I know that work in the salon I work in. My favorite is Alterna’s Bamboo Abundant Volume shampoo and conditioner. For light styling, their Plumping Strand Expand cannot be beat!

Once your hair is shampooed and conditioned, towel dry hair to get the excess moisture out. Dispense a couple of pumps of the Strand Expand into your hand, rub your hands together and run your fingers through your hair, from roots to ends. Blow dry your hair with medium heat on a medium setting. Heat activates the product and dries it into your hair. No matter what your blow drying technique is, make sure to get the root area of your hair completely dry. This will give your hair the most support. Your ends will dry soon enough.

Once your hair has been adequately blow-dried in the style you are happy with, let your hair cool down. Any kind of heat, including the heat from your hands, will restyle your hair and flatten it. Once your hair is cool, you can use a wide-toothed comb or hairbrush with spaces between the bristles to finalize your style. Don’t be heavy-handed- a light touch is all that is required and one can over-do! It is better for your hair to be a bit bigger than you’d like at the style finish, because hair flattens during the day, when you put a coat, hat, and/or a scarf on, and when you step outside in any sort of humidity.

Use a volume-locking hairspray at the end to finish and set your style for the day. You can take a mini hairspray can with you to work. Bamboo Volume Root Blast can also be used instead of hair spray. It adds volume to dry hair without the stickiness some hair sprays can have. Should your style fall, simply bend your head downward, spray lightly underneath your hair, shake your head and lift your head up. You can lightly use your comb or brush again to calm down any rogue hairs J

Posted by Hair Guy Lancer, specializing in custom cuts and colors for 20+ years.

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

Dark Industry Night of 2012

This event has been moved to the same time on FEB 16th!

The first Dark Industry Night of 2012 welcomes Emerson Salon team members Lancer Forney and Kate Kalnins, both of whom have been making the hair of (but not limited to) Seattle goths for years. Come on out and support us this coming Thursday, January 19th, at the Mercury, and INVITE EVERYONE YOU KNOW (that’s 21+ that is)!!! Lancer and Kate are excited to have this opportunity and are preparing a few of our clients and friends’ hair so we can show off our work so you can see what we can do for you! There will also be a silent auction held to raise money for Gothic Pride Seattle (G.P.S.), a non-profit social organization in Seattle. Lancer is also the Secretary of G.P.S.

Dark Industry Night is a place for Seattle based goth and industrial musicians, DJs, dancers, artists, promoters, managers, designers, and other industry members to share ideas, innovations, news and announcements. Its mission is to build a strong goth-industrial music community and scene throughout the greater Seattle area through networking and promotion.

It is held every 3rd Thursday of the month @ The Mercury, and is hosted by the incomparably awesome team of Artist/Entrepreneur Bianca Malise-Glynn and Daemon Chadeau of Pixelpussy. Music that you might hear at this event includes goth, industrial, darkwave, EBM, electronic, power noise, hard techno, IDM, electroclash, new wave, punk, post-punk, ethereal, dark cabaret, coldwave, underground. This month’s featured Special Guest DJ is DJ SAVAK of Mechanismus.

All this is only $3, and it’s a non-member night! Just be 21+ and have your ID! (liquor sales to members only as per WSLCB)!

Artists, writers, performers, musicians, DJs, designers, photographers, promoters, and all that work with them are encouraged to attend, as well as fans and the like are all welcome as well!

Post by Lancer

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Lifeblood of a Community

Happy New Year’s Seattle! Emerson Salon is taking part in some 2012 New Year’s Resolutions of our own and this year, our team’s goal is to become even more integral to our community’s and clients’ lives. Now more than ever, small businesses like us really bolster a local and diverse neighborhood like Capitol Hill much more than a national chain. We reinvest our energy back into you!

One major change at Emerson Salon we’ve made with the new year is that all stylists have switched over to become self-employed, renting their chairs and managing their own books. While you will still get the same great hair services from your team at Emerson Salon, this means that each stylist is working to build their own business and future. One change is that you might see is that the staff at Emerson are taking part in a new revolution in small business called Square. Through a mini-card reader, any smartphone can swipe a credit or debit card and be free of costly credit card machines and merchant-services contracts. Through Square, you can pay, sign, tip and receive email receipts in seconds, its pretty amazing!

Going forward, each stylist will be managing their own schedule and appointments and will be sure to let you know the best way to get your appointments booked, but we will still have our salon email and phone for your convenience. If you are a new client, feel free to write to book or look for contact information on a particular stylist’s profile. We appreciate your patience during the transition and we are confident the adjustment will be minimal and smooth.

An additional note, D’Arcy and Lancer have been accepted to Ventures‘ business training course at the end of January. This is a great non profit resource that provides small business entrepreneurs ongoing support with bookkeeping, tax calculations, goal setting, savings, coaching, etc.

Seattle, what are your New Year’s Resolutions? What changes will you make this year…..a hair change maybe! We sure hope so!

Post by D’Arcy