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Sunday, June 24th, 2012

New Yelp Reviews

Check out these new reviews of happy and satisfied hair clients!

D’Arcy is terrific. She is an amazing discovery. She listens, evaluates, gives options, and does a fabulous job of tailoring the style for the individual. I’ve had so many compliments on my haircut. I appreciate her all the more since it took me a long time and many not so flattering cuts to find her.
-Jeanette H.

I have a chronic problem of finding a new stylist every haircut. The haircut would always be okay but things just wouldn’t click for me, so I would search for a new stylist. Someone recommended I go to John at Emerson Salon. My first experience and every experience after has been fantastic. John is great at giving feedback. He authentically suggests product, but doesn’t push. He is easy to talk and gives one of the most satisfying haircuts I have ever had. Even when I tried to squeeze in a haircut before a trip John was happy to accommodate me and didn’t rush when his next client arrived. It’s a beautiful salon. Great location and moderately priced. I enjoy the system that they have set up, only working with the stylist.
Best damn haircut. Go schedule and appointment.
-Logan T.

Lancer is a genius, and fixed my hair with hours to go before I had to be at a convention all weekend.
The first guy at (salon) ruined my hair color. I showed him a picture of Florence Welch and somehow ended up with brick red hair. Don’t ask me how that works. Lancer not only made it the perfect orangey shade but also knew how to give me the lady boy queer hair that I want. I’ve never loved my hair more than I do now.
-Tiger T.

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Friday, January 20th, 2012

Two New 5-Star Reviews for Lancer and Kate!

Daemon says:

“I really don’t trust a lot of people with my hair, but I’ve had people close to me recommend Lancer Forney at the Emerson Salon. I finally had a chance to get my hair done by him.

Now my hair has been notorious for being rather wild. I get my thick long hair from my dad and it has stifled a lot of hairdressers for years. He wanted to try this new Perfection Smoothing System on me, and I was thinking that this would be like other relaxers or texturizers. I was wrong.

That whole procedure was not invasive at all unlike traditional ones. In fact he was also able to do the coloring right after we shampooed the treatment out. He had a bunch of hair swatches to help compare the different shades and how they would compliment with my natural hair color. in the end I ended up with some of the best hair I’ve ever had in years…not since my old hairdresser back in Long Beach retired some 15 years ago.

The vibe here is very easy going, unlike most salons where it could be a bit on the pretentious side. I was there for four hours, but I had so much fun chatting it up with everyone there while getting my hair done it didn’t even feel like it at all. To call Lancer a stylist is an understatement. He’s an artist. He knows what he’s doing and can even turn my mangled mess into something I can actually be proud of.

He also recommended this Morrocan Oil shampoo and conditioner that will preserve everything that was performed that day. Yeah this stuff and the salon ain’t cheap but when it comes to your hair you get what you pay for, and compared to all the uber-pretentious salons I’ve been at it’s actually a good value since you’re getting so much more than just a haircut.

Lancer is the man you want. Of course, if he’s booked Kate’s a wonderful stylist too!”

Daniel says:

“If y’all, ladies or gentlemen, need a hair cut… this place is the spot. Personally Kate Kalnins is the best. She is a taller gal, wearing a lot of black.. Anyway she really does amazing work and she is very thorough.”

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