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Kevin.Murphy¬†products are weightless, color safe, and PETA-approved. All of the products continually perform, strengthen, and provide style longevity that was born from the same philosophy as skin care. Inspired by nature’s best, Kevin Murphy’s products are made from renewable and sustainable resources whenever possible, using pure essential oils, plant extracts and natural antioxidants.


Body.Builder: Boosts body with flexible fullness and hold. Weightless; contains memory hold resins, sunscreen and UV filters. Great for fine and/or damaged hair.

Body.Mass: Uses eyelash thickening and lengthening technology to strengthen hair, making your hair appear thicker and fuller instantly, whilst improving the quality over time. This dual-purpose product is rich in Oleanolic acid that helps to fortify and strengthen the hair at the root to prevent thinning and falling hair.¬†Body.Mass stimulates hair growth, is strengthening, fortifying, thickening, and aids in the prevention of thinning & falling hair. It helps to reduce DHT, increases microcirculation to the scalp, and lengthens the hair’s growing phase. It’s also paraben free.

Blonde.Angel:¬†A treatment conditioner to moisturise and soften bleached, highlighted and grey hair. Its colour enhancers refresh and repair brassy and yellowed blonde tones. Blonde.Angel’s colour enhancing propertes revive and brighten blonde or grey hair, refresh bleached or highlighted hair, and moisturise and repair dull, dry locks.¬†It’s also paraben free.

Easy.Rider: De-frizzes and activates curl. Thickens fine hair and softens thick hair. Contains lavender, patchouli, tangerine, and jasmine oils that heals skin problems and are good for dry, sensitive skin.

Free.Hold:¬†Free.Hold is a flexible hold styling cr√®me that lends a natural shine. It contains essences of Bergamot and Vanilla, and is suitable for all hair types. It’s also paraben free, medium hold, provides a ¬†thickening effect on the hair, and it lubricates the hair and scalp.

Motion.Lotion: Color safe, anti-frizz curl enhancer with UV protection. Scrunch into damp hair.

Powder.Puff: Instant poof/bedroom hair. Tap a few shakes on your roots, massage in, and go!

Rough.Rider: A strong hold clay that creates a matte defined look. It’s anti-oxidant rich and is infused with Soya Bean Extracts and Golden Bamboo to seal ends and provide strength. Rough.Rider also adds softness and shine and is strengthening, moisturising, and is perfect for maintening your scalp‚Äôs health.

Smooth.Again:¬†A leave-in smoothing treatment to eliminate frizz for silky, more touchable hair. It’s great for thick and frizzy hair. Smooth.Again¬†has a dual purpose! ¬†It’s¬†styling properties will smooth out your hair, and it’s treatment ingredients will eliminate frizz for smoother, silkier, more touchable hair with added heat protection. It’s also hydrating and paraben free.

Staying.Alive:¬†A weightless leave-in treatment containing olive leaf extract and rose hip oil that are antioxidant rich and protect the hair. Honey and ivy moisturise, soften, and give the hair flexibility. Staying.Alive is antioxidant-rich to protect the hair, is paraben free, smoothes out frizz, strengthens the hair, gives shine, and helps to heal and repair the scalp. It has a low pH level (3.5 ‚Äď 4.5).

Stimulate.Me Wash and Rinse: Anti oxidant rich, repairing, stimulating, strengthening, thickening, restores luster, and are sulphate & paraben free. They contain camphor crystals, bergamot mint, and black pepper help to sooth and cool the hair & scalp.

Thick.Again: Contains¬†Citrus Flavonoids, Ginger Root Nettle and Parsley extracts, which will thicken hair and prevent breakage. It’s also rich in Oleanic acid, which helps to fortify and strengthen the hair at the root to prevent thinning and falling hair. It’s paraben free, of course. This treatment stimulates hair growth, is thickening, strengthening, fortifying, and aids in the prevention of thinning & falling hair.

Un.Tangled:¬†A leave-in conditioner formulated with a complex of nourishing Australian Fruit extracts. It helps to detangle, strengthen and restore hair, and provides added heat protection and moisture retention. It’s also paraben free, and it is also a treatment that has cumulative effects with repeated use.

Young.Again:¬†A weightless leave-in treatment oil infused with Immortelle to counteract the oxidization and ageing process. This is an indulgent product that will provide you with intensely conditioned smooth and soft hair. Use daily to infuse hair with shine and protection from heat and the environment. Young.Again is weightless and nutrient rich, moisturises dry and damaged hair, intensely conditions hair,¬†¬†and helps stressed hair regain elasticity again. It’s also paraben free.

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