MoroccanOil at Emerson Salon, Seattle


Why, oh why, does everyone loves Moroccan Oil?

The MoroccanOil journey started when “Moroccanoil Co-founder Carmen Tal saw an opportunity to revolutionize the beauty industry through oil-infused hair care.”

Carmen realized how “a single spark of inspiration had the power to touch our hearts and move us to action”, and the “INSPIRED BY WOMEN™ project was born: a short-film series that examines what it means to lead an inspired life and aims to create moments of inspiration for everyone.”

 The Argan Kernel Oil is from the thorny evergreen Moroccan Ironwood Tree (Argania Spinosa), which adds high shine to everything it is inside of, and it is also naturally extremely rich in tocopherols. “After carotene, tocopherols are the most important anti-oxidants in the human cell and provide protection from the cell destroying free radicals. It also smooths, softens and revitalizes the hair and skin and keeps them flexible.” (Source)

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