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D’Arcy is owner of the Emerson Salon location

& Cosmetologist via D’Arcy Hair Design.

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STRENGTTHS: individual consultation, natural textures, dimensional color (block, foil, and balayage), custom color formulation/color correction, creative cuts, barber cuts, precision cutting, formal/bridal/vintage styling and microlock BABE hair extensions (by consultation)

    D’Arcy Harrison became a transplant from the Rhode Island area over 20 years ago. She has an extensive background in the theatre including a BFA in Acting. For years, D’Arcy toiled in the retail and restaurant industries before she discovered her passion for using hair as a creative and professional medium. She remembers many years growing up wishing a hairstylist would listen to and understand what she wanted out of her wavy, frizzy hair. This is why D’Arcy has strived for over 18 yrs. to combine her technical expertise with her innate artistic touch. Her main priority is the client and knows its NOT “just” hair.

     D’Arcy’s philosophy of hair includes the belief that form must be in harmony with function and therefore, must be in line with the clients’ needs and wishes.  She is a compassionate and understanding stylist whose sole aim is to empower each guest with confidence in their hair and thus, themselves. CREATING HAIR HAPPINESS is her mission and sole objective.

I love doing hair and talking with people. It brings me joy to make people feel good and to become someone’s trusted hair advisor. I come from an artistic family so I consider myself a ‘Hair Designer’ because creating something especially for a client is so important!

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What I love most about being a stylist?

I love doing hair because I think connections with people are very important for the soul and every time I make someone feel good after being in my chair I feel a little lift. Whether my clients need a haircut or a genune listening ear they know they can count on me for both. My dream is to build a rapport with my clients that is unique, because I truly absorb their wishes, ideas, concerns and needs. My technical skills are based in precision so I have the ability to translate my clients' consultation into an attractive and practical cut designed just for them and their features. I have an opportunity to be creative and methodical in my job and executing a well planned hair service is highly satsfying to me. I think humor is important, bringing a little levity to the sometimes serious or stressful experience getting a haircut/hair color. Bottom line: I love it when a client trusts in me and leaves with a big smile on his or her face.


Personal Motto?

"Energy cannot be destroyed. It can only change form" which is why I have a firm belief in ghosts and the spiritual world. I try to put as much good vibes into my world as I can .....what you put into the universe ripples and effects so many things!