Meet Lancer

“Come as You Are. Leave Feeling Amazing!”

I moved to Seattle in 1999, and have been working at Emerson Salon since it changed hands in 2008 (formerly Pandemos Salon.) I have been cutting and coloring hair professionally since 1990.

On Cutting: I can fix a bad haircut, create a new look, or maintain a consistent look.  

On Color: I can cover, blend, or enhance your gray hairs, and  I can brighten or change the tone of  your natural hair shade. I can provide you with natural looking highlights utilizing a multitude of techniques, and I am also creative, utilizing pastels, vivid colors, and deep jewel tones without making your hair look flat/matte.

What To Expect: I am really an introvert, which might seem unusual for a hairstylist. While working on a client, I am very focused, and do not multitask. If you too would prefer a quiet chair experience in which you’d rather be left alone to relax during your visit, please notate “Quiet Chair” in your appointment notes. I am more than happy to accommodate you! I prefer to provide my clients with a safe space where they can be themselves, reflect, and relax.

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You can also visit my Website, and if you aren’t sure which service you’ll need, please Email Me directly.

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Favorite Music?

Gothic and Industrial bands, locally and worldwide.

Favorite Restaurant near Emerson Salon?

Annapurna Cafe!

Favorite coffee house?

There are many great small locally owned coffee shops in Capitol Hill, and I choose which one to go to, depending on how much time I have and which route I take to work.

Favorite hairstyles?

Long Layers, Textured Bobs, and Short, Clean Cuts.