Meet Lancer

“Come as You Are. Leave Feeling Amazing!”

I graduated from Cosmetology school in 1989 in Akron, Ohio. Since then, I have worked on many clients in Akron and also in Southeast Alaska. Landing in Seattle in 1999, I have worked in Capitol Hill area salons since.

On Cutting: I can fix a bad haircut, create a new look, or maintain a consistent look.  

On Color: I can cover, blend, or enhance your gray hairs, and  I can brighten or change the tone of  your natural hair shade. I can provide you with natural looking highlights utilizing a multitude of techniques, and I am also creative, utilizing pastels, vivid colors, and deep jewel tones without making your hair look flat/matte.

What To Expect: I am really an introvert, which might seem unusual for a hairstylist. While working on a client, I am very focused, and do not multitask. If you too would prefer a quiet chair experience in which you’d rather be left alone to relax during your visit, please notate “Quiet Chair” in your appointment notes. I am more than happy to accommodate you! I prefer to provide my clients with a safe space where they can be themselves, reflect, and relax.

Salon Hours:

10:00-7:00 Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

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For more information, services offered, pricing, and current testimonials, visit my Website, and if you aren’t sure which service you’ll need, please Email Me directly.

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Prior salon experience?

Pandemos Salon, Acme Barbershop, Vain, Patrick Bear Salon, Diversity Hair, and Hair Masters.

Personal Motto?

"Happiness = Reality/Expectations"

Favorite coffee house?

There are many great small locally owned coffee shops in Capitol Hill, and I choose which one to go to, depending on how much time I have and which route I take to work.

Where I can be found on a Friday night?

At home, resting up from the week! Salon weekends can be busy and draining. Time to recharge is essential for my well being. Self care time!